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    Hold your horses

    I'm a cigar aficionado, I love my cigars. I've got 2 humidors full of fine quality sticks, I love collecting and I love the paraphernalia, it's one of the few things in the world that is still a hand made export. Hand made cigars are almost an art.

    I know tobacco isn't the beacon of health, but i'd like to see an article (in MDA easy reading format!) about Tobacco, not cigarettes, old school tobacco. How has it played its part in history? Was it around during grok times?

    Enjoying a good cigar is a part of my life I love to enjoy (Granted I only smoke one a week or so). Anyone else a casual cigar smoker around here?

    *watches the tumbleweed blow by*

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    i smoke marboros...need to quit...kinda counter intuitive to primal..but im not ready
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      Yeah, yeah. I love a good cigar now and then!
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        I used to like the occasional cigar, but I gave that up many years ago. Right now my gf smokes cigarettes and pot and I would love not to have to smell that stuff. These days I don't want anything to do with anything that's smoked.
        If it brings you pleasure, I'd say go for it.


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          tobacco is a new world plant, so post-Grok.
          Nicotine is really harmful, regardless of method of delivery (smoked or not).

          I used to smoke a pack a day and managed to quit. It's hard but worth it. I tried cigars, pipe, snus and other tobacco products (shisha). Some may be slightly less harmful than others, but they are all bad. I read somewhere that to match the extra heart disease risk from smoking I would have to gain ~ 75lbs. Think about that.


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            Not to mention the wretched smell...


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              Mmmmm, love the smell of cigars. I've tried smoking them, but I inhale, so that doesn't work too well. :-)


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                I noticed "Bolivar" even before the pic....

                Just had one the other night.

                A good cigar and a good wine or even better, distilled spirits, is one of life's simple pleasures.

                It has nothing to do with being Primal or not, or possible health issues. Smoking a few sticks a week will not cause health problems (maybe spousal, but I've had a gf that shared with me.) Cigarettes, keeping that nicotine pumping for 16 hours a day is a lot different than a long, slow, peaceful end-of-day smoke. Cigarettes are smoked for the nicotine ("nicotine delivery system," anyone?), most cigar smokers don't really care about it, it's the flavors, the rituals, and the new mindset.

                I smoke more in the warm weather, less in the chilly. Tonight I'm going to have my go-to Honduran Consuegra, dark maduro wrapper, a heavy Cuban style smoke, and some Canadian Mist whiskey. Smoothest stuff out there at twice the price.

                Enjoy life.


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                  For whatever reason, the system here cut off my opening statement, which was on the lines of "I caught the Bolivar name right away even before seeing the pic.....Just had one the other night."


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                    Don't feel too bad about the is a Respectable Middling Choice according to Mark Sisson:

                    As far as cigars, yes. Padron Anniversary Pyramide's are my favorites.

                    My "everyday smokers" although I don't smoke but once a week, are either Fuente's, CAO's or regular Padron (maduro's). I haven't noticed any real changes, other than not indulging but once a week with a nice Highland's Single Malt, typically 18 year old MacAllen unless I run out, then it is Knob Creek Bourbon.
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                      Agree, cigars are totally different from cigarettes. I never have a 'craving' for a cigar but like to enjoy one on the weekends. Oliva is great for the price and to my knowledge 'traditionally' grown from Cuban seed. And yes great with some scotch, whiskey or aged rum! Cigarettes are another story entirely, even the organic American Spirits can get you hooked.
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                        I will partake a couple of times a year. I have a pretty full humidor of cigars I collected during the late '90's including a pre-Castro Cuban that was given to me.


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                          Thanks for starting the thread I wanted to start but was afraid of getting lynched. I don't smoke cigars, but I was curious about cigarettes. Yes, yes, yes, CW says tobacco is pure evil. And as mentioned above, tobacco is a neolithic crop, thus so not primal. I certainly don't want to advocate starting smoking (stupidest thing I've ever done), but I do smoke occasionally. [Pause for boos and hisses.] At times for stress (dead close relative-level stress) or recreation or sociability, and likely self-medication for AD/HD and or depression. I am, however, one of the very rare people who is able to quit smoking easily. I told my doctor that I smoke occasionally and I was surprised to learn that she was not at all alarmed.

                          So I would say I use cigarettes much like folks use cigars. One a day at most. I can go months without smoking. Yeah yeah, "Why don't you just quit?" You know preaching doesn't help reform smokers.

                          Now, (don't shoot me) we're all about bucking conventional wisdom here, so I'm wondering if the CW about smoking is based on the SAC (Standard American Cigarette). You know, the one that can have up to 700 additives, is cured using sugar, etc. I have smoked American Spirits for years (recently switched to organic, though that might seem silly), and I have found them far less addictive than my former choice, which was Camels (up to a pack a day). I also have a hunch that smoking tobacco that is cured with sugar is far worse for you than pure unadulterated tobacco. Have you ever burnt sugar when making caramel? Imagine that inside your lungs. I sincerely doubt anyone is going to fund a study to find out if natural tobacco is less harmful than a SAC, but I'm curious if anyone has seen any references to this? Yes, I could Google it, but I'm more interested in starting a conversation.

                          Native Americans used (and still use) tobacco ritually. Until falling prey to the SAD and SAC, did Native folks get lung cancer? How about early tobacco usage by Euro-Americans before Big Tobacco came along with their "4 out of 5 doctors recommend Chesterfields" BS?

                          Finally, would eating primally protect against the diseases caused or exacerbated by smoking? In other words, does the modern incidence of tobacco-related disease and death go hand-in-hand with the SAD? I certainly don't wish to advocate tobacco as a sensible indulgence, but it is one of my indulgences, sensible or not. But how "not"?

                          Disclaimers: My good friend's seemingly healthy father died a horrible lingering death of lung cancer. I don't want my friends and family (not to mention me!) go through anything like that. So I'm well aware of the dangers. But, right now I am in excellent health and can ride a bike 150 miles (not fast!).


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                            I enjoy a nice cigar on the weekends - in the warmer weather when I can sit outside.

                            The cigs... well that's a different story. I was a smoker for a very long time and still, to this day, I don't have them completely licked. Sometimes I go a few or even several days without any. Some days I have a few. I know it's not primal nor good for my health - just a terrible habit I picked up. On the super rare occasion that I have a few drinks... well, it's like I never put them down. Shame on me.
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                              I've been smoking cigars for probably fifteen years now. Probably average one a day. I've read all the research that I can get my hands on (which isn't much for cigars/pipes) but ill effects don't kick in unless you're smoking massive amounts. Now, there's no denying that you're increasing the chance of oral cancer but it's a risk I"ll live with. Fine hand rolled cigars along with high quality coffee are my two, so called, vices. The benefits I get from quite contemplation with a cigar and coffee I feel out weighs the negatives.

                              BTW, 99% of my smoking occurs on my deck. The only entity that gets some of my second hand smoke is my dog and he doesn't seem to mind much.