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Low carb opposition - vegans, Atkins & kidney function

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  • Low carb opposition - vegans, Atkins & kidney function

    Has anyone seen this "primal debunking " video?!

    In my opinion it's a load of unsubstantiated anecdotal & incomplete observation, but I'd like to understand more about the differences between Atkins & Primal eating (particularly related to kidney function) - I'm confident that Primal eating is nutritionally balanced but would like to be able to provide a good counter-argument whenever people say to me "oh of course Atkins died of a heart attack & excessive meat-eating & low carbs causes kidney problems"

    Anybody got a good response I can cite?

    Thanks 😃

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    Well for starters.. Atkins dident die of a heart attack... copied from wikipedia....
    On April 8, 2003, at age 72, a day after a major snowstorm in New York, Atkins slipped on an icy pavement, suffering severe head trauma. He spent nine days in intensive care before dying on April 17, 2003, from complications from his head injury.[15]
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      I did Atkins years ago. They push their bars, shakes and lean cuisine type frozen foods HARD! Tons of processed crap. Primal can be Atkins-like, but the induction phase of Atkins is something like 25 grams of carbs which I think very few here are that low. Also, rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes are out on Atkins, but not out on primal. I'd definitely start with the cause of death though.

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        good lord,
        there are some critics of low-carb and paleo that deserve thought but that fruitcake is NOT one of them.

        Atkins recommended a TWO WEEK period of 20 grams carb/day and even many supporters think that was his entire diet advice.

        What he said for the long term was to eat as many good vegetables, fruits and starches as possible w/o causing yourself weight gain or metabolic problems.

        There was a theory that 'high' protein intake damges kidneys because damaged kidneys can't handle much protein. It made as much sense as saying since a bad heart can't handle exercise then exercise is bad for your heart. I don't think there are many people clinging to the theory these days.


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          Some things are just too stupid to bother debunking. That video's one of them.

          I used to do Atkins, long before Atkins himself died. The Induction phase, especially once he changed it to 20g net carbs, allowed for plenty of green vegetables--it was never just "bacon, beef, and butter" as so many detractors claim. If anything, he encouraged people to eat their vegetables, and develop a liking for them. At the time, there was a low-carb baking mix available, and the early version of the bars (neither of which I tried), but neither was emphasized in the actual book. I did Atkins as a whole-foods diet--my current LCHF primal diet is very similar--and at the time that wasn't weird at all.

          And Atkins can still be done as a whole-foods diet with plenty of veg, as well as the gradual re-introduction of carbohydrates in later phases. It was never meant to be a no-carb, all-bacon-all-the-time diet, nor was it created to be dependent upon special low-carb substitute crapfood. But to do it well and be successful at it involves actually reading New Diet Revolution and doing it as outlined, rather than hearing from a friend (who never read the book) that it's all bacon and mayo and no veg allowed.

          And Paleo/Primal also get twisted by people running on hearsay, who can't be bothered to read a fucking book or website, or do at least some basic googling. The only advantage is that it's really easy to spot the uninformed, subliterate, intellectually lazy losers with an axe to grind and write them off as not worthy of my time. I'll always do my best to answer an honest question from someone who shows genuine interest, but the willfully ignorant and/or dishonest who just want to fling poo? Forget it.


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            Durian Rider again? gods that guy is a bit of a dolt. I admit I would like to be able to explain what Atkins was all about when folks go "Oh so that's like Atkins. He died of a heart attack didn't he? smirk and grin. "
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