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I need to sleep :-(

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  • I need to sleep :-(

    Hi everyone my problem is that since I was surgically catapulted into the menopause quality sleep is non existent. I have tried everything from winding down and relaxing, prescription drugs, being mindful about what food I eat, herbal teas. I am 54 and class myself as active and healthy but nothing seems to work for me. I work full time and find by about 2pm I can't stop yawning. I have two grown up children and a partner that works shifts both day and night. I have dark circles like you wouldn't believe and cover them up as best I can. Getting more desperate as the days go by ...and more miserable and find it hard to concentrate when at work. Can anybody help me?

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    A natural sleep remedy is 2-Boron capsules taken with magnesium after supper. This works for myself and many others. Natural Calm magnesium is recommended,

    Boron the Magical Mineral with many health benefits:
    BORON – A Magical Mineral – Part One | Just ME in T's Health Stuff

    01/16/2011: Sheryl from Lawrenceville, Ga. Usa replies: "I have had insomnia for years. I have tried everything... Calcium supplements, melatonin, ambien, benedryl and much more. The ONLY thing that has helped has been Borax, taken as suggested by Ted. I started it for other reasons, but the most amazing thing happened. I slept well for the first time in many years. Give it a try... To all the nay sayers, Borax is only a mineral folks! I have had so many people scared of it, thinking it will harm you. I can testify that I have never felt better! Thanks for this website!"
    Cure Insomnia Naturally Questions



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      Fillmore Jive by Pavement


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        How mindful are you on your eating? Primal guidelines? I was surprised to find how much better my sleep became when I ditched the sugar, grains and oils for wholesome eggs, meat and veges.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          +1 for magnesium. And zinc.
          First time i've slept through in my life...