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Dear Mark: Type of oil in supermarket loose olives?

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  • Dear Mark: Type of oil in supermarket loose olives?

    I love olives. And as you've pointed out, they're a fantastic primal food. Unfortunately, and as usual, modern food production/distribution makes finding a good source difficult. I'm not in california, or greece, where i can just go my local farm and get some. I used to buy the bulk olives in my local supermarket or imported food store, but once I learned about the problems with vegetable oils, and their ubiquitous use, I stopped. I'm assuming all of those olives are packed in some cheap, processed oil which I don't want to eat, and I can't seem to find any information about it (including asking the people at the stores: "it's olive oil, duh.") Do you have any idea? Are those bulk bin olives actually in EVOO, should they be avoided because their in some rancid, processed oil, or is there some middle ground? Any help would be much appreciated.

    i'm also assuming the typical canned olives are pressure/heat processed and chemically preserved to stay black/green, and should probably be avoided as well?

    I miss olives, please help me find a way to get them back into my diet. Thanks!