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  • I wish Mark wrote a response to this...

    Hi all!*
    My primal life is about a few weeks old, and I believe primal living have improved my life extensively. Though, I'm relatively new to this web site.I'm reading several anti-primal or anti-paleo ideas from several sources over the internet. The latest one I read is in the following link:

    The author is a grain-lover, and so he does not like the primal strategy offered by the Primal Blueprint. In the article, he quotes Mark and writes his responses to each point in some of Mark's articles on this site.I wish Mark could write a response to that, and so enlighten the unknowledgeable ignorant such as I.Alternatively, if any of you could do that (or point me to some direction), I would totally appreciate it.
    Thank you for your consideration.
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    The first point he makes is about how Mark said fiber is not essential, and is likely damaging, then links off to half a dozen sources which say it's beneficial. That's just standard dogma - fiber is only "good" for you on a crappy diet as it helps get it back out of your system. Beyond that fiber is just there to cause damage.

    The second point - "You can in fact get pretty much all of your vitamins and minerals from other sources. However, this puts a fair bit of pressure on you to eat a wide range of food items on a daily basis." is completely untrue, you can get everything you need from surf n turf, wide range of foods required my ass.

    #3 - yep, they ARE pointless.

    Beyond that it's just arguing for argument sake, we don't and probably will never know exactly what our ancestors ate and when, but we're pretty damn sure our current state of evolution just isn't up to consuming what the authorities tell us we should be.


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      Whether grains are bad for you I don't know but the fact that they are unnecessary is totally beyond doubt. Although not an expert, my advice to anyone on the subject of grains is - cut them out for 2 weeks and see how you feel. I'd say the same about milk and legumes.

      Having said that, refined sugar is by far the main thing to avoid.
      Healthy is the new wealthy.


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        Statement #1 re: fiber~~ 1 cup of cooked brown rice contians ~ 3.5g of fiber. 1 cup of Kale has 2.7g. 1 cup of spinach has 0.7g. Rice is 200+ calories in 1c, Kale = 30, Spinach = 10. Rice and wheat bread are more or less equivalent in these purposes.

        Statement #2 re: vitamins/minerals~~ I love linking to this. Richard over at FTA is awesome. Scroll down and look at the RDA's in comparison to bread. Wheat: How About Against the Grain, and Zero Servings Per Day? | Free The Animal [/end argument]

        Statement #3 re: what is necessary~~ What is "necessary" in terms of a healthy diet is subjective. No science here, but check out the results of people eating SAD (aka following USDA RDA's) vs. Primal followers. I don't see too many people going primal and gaining hundreds of pounds. Also, weren't/aren't webMD, the CDC (why are they on this list?), Diabetes Association?, New york timeS??, all proponents of low fat diets? Haven't we done enough to disprove everything Ancel Keys 'taught' the world about fat?

        Statement #4 ~~ not worth arguing

        Statement #5 ~~ just pointing out a terrible argument. From outlawfitness,
        While there is no doubt that gluten causes problems in the minority of the population, there is no evidence whatsoever that gluten is problematic for the average, gluten-tolerant individual.
        So if you're gluten-tolerant, there's no evidence that gluten causes you problems? Shocking.
        In all seriousness though, if you've eaten gluten every day for your entire life, how would you know if it doesn't jive with your body? As Owen said, cut it out for two weeks, eat the same food you would have otherwise (the cheese from the pizza you would have ate, deli meat from sandwhiches, etc) and see if you feel better. If you don't then gluten isn't an issue for you; congrats.

        WRT lectins and phytates, that's beyond my knowledge.

        Do we need grains? No. Does evidence prove, barring any gluten-sensitivity, that including whole-grains in our diet is a healthier option than leaving them out? The answer is unequivocally, undeniably yes.
        Depending on your diet, whole grains could be helpful. If you're already eating very clean (read: primal), whole grains probably aren't necessary. If you're eating SAD, then sure, whole grains have been shown to be healthier by whatever was provided.