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Dear Mark, could you address "vegetarian fasting" in "Dear Mark?"

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  • Dear Mark, could you address "vegetarian fasting" in "Dear Mark?"

    Hi Mark and all,

    I commonly do IF, dropping breakfast or dinner, and much more rarely full-day fasting. Recently, I did a two-day "vegetarian fast" in which I sparingly ate fresh greens--in this case, fresh artichokes and asparagus, which are in-season and oh-so delicious.

    I know that technically this is not fasting by the book, but these vegetables, particularly asparagus, have a nearly negative caloric load and are rich in nutrients. It seems much more logical to me to be ingesting these healthful nutrients than to spend 2 days in total deprivation of them.

    Why then must fasting be limited to water? Isn't there a strong health benefit from ingesting greens with low-caloric nutrients on a modified fast, rather than complete nutritional deprivation? Or am I undermining some mechanism of fasting to my detriment, in some way I'm not aware of?

    I'm very curious to find out more on this question; this aspect of fasting has always seemed illogical to me.