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You Are Your Own Gym - rest days question

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  • You Are Your Own Gym - rest days question

    Hello Mark,
    I bought your book using Amazon, and after reading it back to back, I've started the basic 10-week program.
    the program is doing wonders! i'm really looking forward with anticipation for each new week (i'm on week 7 now)
    in the program, the way i see it, i have 4 days of workout a week - and the other days are just for rest (please correct me if i'm wrong).
    what i wanted to ask is, should/may i having some push ups and chin up during the resting days? would it interfere with the advanced my body is gaining with your program?

    looking forward for guidance

    with kind regards,

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    Hey Vlady,

    I saw that no one had answered this and thought I'd 'chip in' with my advice ~ leave the rest days as rest days! When you do press-ups and chin ups, although they are easy enough to do in a spare few mins at home, you are still working major muscle groups, which will then need their own rest period to heal and rebuild themselves. You may actually set yourself back by cramming too much in! Proper rest periods are just as important as your training days.

    Hope this helps!

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      Agree 100% with BareFootCoach
      leave the rest days for rest (do light stretching, yoga)
      if you have excess energy, do more stuff on the training days
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        a little exercise would not harm your body. it ain't a big deal.....