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Vitamin D and sunlight

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  • Vitamin D and sunlight

    Dear Mark,

    I have a question for you that concerns sunlight and getting enough Vitamin D.

    I cannot get a decent amount of sun exposure because I am photosensitive (literally, I get a rash from sun exposure). I get reactions from certain light bulbs as well, such as ones used to give animals higher vitamin absorption (my mom has an African Grey, which is how I learned that). I can only handle about 10 minutes outside before I start to get itchy, per day, which I normally get from walking from my car to the house or store and back.

    With this limitation, I was wondering what the best supplement would be for my vitamin D levels. I know there are issues with bioavailibility, so I would like some help in resolving this without changing my eating habits too much. I am concerned about my eventual bone strength, and I would like to fix this as soon as I can.

    I am sure people who live in climates where sun strength is too strong in the summer for safe sunbathing or too low/cold in the winter would also like to have an answer to this question.

    Thanks very much!


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    Well, I might be able to help... Make sure and use a supplement that packs the vitamin D in an oil base, such as olive oil. I used a capsule form of powdered Vit D for months and it had no impact on my D levels. Found out the powdered Vit D often passes thru the system w/o uptake because it is fat soluble, it needs to combine with fat for uptake to succeed. Also, make sure and get your Vit D levels tested, if you supplement when you are already high, it can cause problems as well.


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      And make sure it is D3


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        Yes, make sure it's D3. Vitamin D levels should be at least 60. I think it's hard to overdose but can be done. It will take quite a bit to get levels up if they're low.