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How simple is this way of eating?

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  • How simple is this way of eating?

    Ive decided to give this way of eating a go, im into second day, over the last few weeks i have been taking sugar out of my diet so i wouldnt find it as hard. My goal is to lose 16lbs by July this year!

    Is this an simple way of living? in the past ive counted calories, counted daily carbs/protein etc.... im over all that stuff im hitting 40 in July and i want something that is forever without all the head stuff!!
    Since i was 13 ive been an active cardio freak, ive done the body building thing (that stuffed up my head and my body), ive done the years of resistance training - ive done it all!
    Im not saying i want it easy, but one thing that messes up my head is all the counting, it makes my day all about FOOD! and im trying to get away from that so,

    Would i have to count daily carbs/protein ratios for this way of eating?

    I will still do my exercise as i love it, and it keeps my body moving.
    Thanks for comments in advance.

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    There is absolutely no need to count on an ongoing basis. If you have a specific goal (weight loss, adjusting macros, etc.), counting may have some limited usefulness. I think people get way to hung up on counting and tracking and obsessing, and there really is no need for it once you are eating the right foods and attuned to your body's needs (e.g., when you stop having afternoon sugar crashes, can curb binge eating, etc.).

    Primal is really simple.


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      It's as simple as you make it. Eliminating grains and things with added sugar is going to eliminate a lot of options. That's simplifying. Cook extra meat and use it for lunch or another meal. Cook extra vegetables to use for a second meal or in a cooked vegetable salad. It can be very liberating not to need to cook so often. Eliminate snacking and eat your calories during meals.

      I eat one snack and one meal a day. Talk about simple.


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        eKatherine makes a good point about simplifying through food prep and cutting back on the number of times you eat. If you do intermittent fasting (IF), whether by plan or by accident, that's one less meal to deal with!


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          It's as simple as you want to make it. Start with eating food and not products. Boom, you're Primal. Want to refine it further? We're here to help.
          The Champagne of Beards


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            The simplest, if that's even a word. (It just doesn't sound right when I say it out loud.)

            I can't imagine a less complicated one, honestly.
            Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

            - Robert Louis Stevenson


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              Originally posted by GoJenGo View Post
              The simplest, if that's even a word. (It just doesn't sound right when I say it out loud.)

              I can't imagine a less complicated one, honestly.
              Agree. Eat actual food and avoid a few classes of toxic foods


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                Yes, very simple, once you get your head around the basic principles which I would sum up as : ditch the sugar, grains, processed oils and other junk, buy meat, eggs, lots of vegetables, some fruit, nuts and dairy. Combine as desired and eat when hungry.

                To put it even more simply: Meat and veges, meat and veges, meat and veges . . .
                Annie Ups the Ante