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Grok and osteoarthritis

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  • Grok and osteoarthritis

    Being 48 and having practiced traditional weight lifting for 30 years, I'm fighting osteoarthritis. Admittedly, I'm wiser now about the things I should and should have not done.

    However, seeing that the bones of our paleo forebearers seem to indicate that they too suffered from osteoarthritis, I'm interested your thoughts about how a Primal diet and activity (short intense efforts) may be related to osteoarthritis, especially as we age?

    Joint wear and tear vs the desire to remain strong (and especially the desire for the positive hormonal response from lifting heavy things)


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    Rather Valid question. Any takers?

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      I thought the opposite was true: Human bones didn't start to show signs of osteoarthritis until after they started eating grains, so primal bones would be free of osteoarthritis.
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        I ran into this short after searching the subject and thought I would put in my 2 cents. I was also wondering about this especially while doing Grok squats. I hear my normal grinding that I have had for over 30 years..I have had 4 petula hyperextensions on my right knee with one full blown twist and rip, and 2 hyperextensions on the left. The first time as a teenager shoveling snow; I had osgood slater disease so my knees were not strong to start with. Then I damaged them several times during my martial arts years 82-89. S0 while I m not an expert I would say that old grok and his bothers probably had similar problems when they had accidents running climbing and jumping try to elude or capture the local wild life. While I don't have bone on bone ..yet. I have been trying to add supplements and now PB to my life in order to try and make my 60's as good as my 50's have been so far. I guess there is evidence that points to grain having some influence in this area but I am not sure of the details.
        If anyone else has any experience I would like to hear.

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          HGs apparently didn't/don't have osteoarthritis. There may have been some after injuries. Don't know.
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            I think that there is now increasing evidence that osteoarthritis is not caused by wear and tear as had been thought. The most recent data I have seen strongly pointed to inappropriate immune responses causing OA. It is still very different from the classic autoimmune joint pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis, but is still immune mediated. I would think that eating a largely paleo diet that limits inflammation would help prevent OA as well.

            I don't have references handy....I saw several talks at an immunology conference. If I have a little time, I'll try to find some and post them.
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