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HELP! Im so confused!

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  • HELP! Im so confused!

    Ok guys I've been doing Paleo for about 2 months. I do like it but to be honest Im scared of heart conditions because of the creases in my ears. 2nd the pooping factor is another Constipation and now I am worried about colon cancer. I am a chronic worry wart about diseases. Now I see this guy: Caldwell B Esselstyn about heart health. He says the complete opposite of what your guys talk about. I am so confused what to do. I have lost weight with paleo, and I do feel pretty good out side of the constipation. I drink plenty of water and eat plenty of veggies. But omg I feel like getting pulled in different directions on my diet or lifestyle change im trying to effect since discovering my earlobe crease thing. Im constantly telling my poor wife to prepare for the worst. She just looks at me like im crazy and wont even really talk to me about it anymore. Is this the right diet or am I doing more harm than good? I have read robb wolf book and I found it interesting and informative. Any advice guys? Please something to give me a hand im pretty stressed out.

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    If it's stressing you out this much, maybe Primal isn't for you. Try Esselstyn's diet and see how you like it.



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      as one worrywart to another, i'm gonna just lay it out

      there comes a time when you have to get fed up with the BS your brain is handing you, and your brain is handing you BS.

      do you feel good? is your body functioning well? can you take blood test frequently to appease your anxiety?

      get anxiety meds if it helps, and they help if you want to take them, and accept that there is only so much in life that is under your control
      yeah you are

      Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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        that is under your control