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Primal eating / stopping alcohol cravings

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    I am definitely kicking my addiction to both. Just seems the more stress I have on any given day, the more I want a glass of wine.


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      In the 7 weeks I've been following PB I've only consumed wine 4 times compared to drinking 3-4 times per week pre-PB. I don't miss it or crave it. The 4 times I drank were in social situations out to dinner where the wine was free flowing.

      Even on my most stressful day I didn't crave alcohol.


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        Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
        In this video, Dr Robert Lustig shows how sugar and alcohol are very similar in the way they are processed by the body and the brain receptors they excite. The connection between sugar and alcohol is real.

        Sugar: The Bitter Truth - YouTube
        Watched the YouTube video ---- very alarming!
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          new jersey movers

          Great data. not ever thought that there are numerous ways to make things more very simple and much quicker. Thanks for distributing this tips...


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            Great to hear!

            I recently 2 days ago decided that my drinking was getting outta control & not helping me at all, have started going Paleo, Alkine Green drink & lots of h2o & don't seem to have those urges i did after taking down a big bowl of pasta or pizza. Like i said just started & reason was to CHANGE my life in ALL aspects. Will be bumping up the workouts soon, but focusing on the intake of foods & liquids right now.

            Thanks again for the thread


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              My uncle was used to be alcoholic but when he started drinking green vegetable juices, he eventually stayed out of alcohol. first week was hard but now its his 8th week and totally stopped drinking alcohol and taking everyday vegetable juices like spinach, celery, carrots etc. thanks to my cousin who introduced him juicing and invested in buying a juicer.