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  • Q for help from Mark & others...

    So, Mark and all folks who may have answers/experience in this arena - I'm looking for research as to how our ancestors treated their babies and toddlers. Specifically, I'm looking as to how Grok and his lady raised their babies in the world around them.

    To clarify, I'm the mom of a 12-week old baby boy. Everywhere I turn I've got well-meaning friends and family in my face telling me how to raise my kiddo. People are telling me that "new research" (what? where? point me to it!) is saying that the "family bed" is a new trend not an old one and that co-sleeping is crazy. I don't think, from a primal standpoint, that this makes any sense. BabyGroks didn't have their own bedrooms, I'm sure. Maybe their own area of the cave/hut when they got older, but as a family we sleep SO MUCH better when the baby sleeps with us. It makes nursing simple and both the husband and I are sinfully well-rested for new parents and have been since week 5.

    Also (and honestly, this is more worrying to me) they tell me I need to be entertaining him or interacting with him every moment of the day. I work from home on the computer. I literally can't be paying 100% of my attention to him all the time. I make a point of going outside with him for a part of every day so he sees "nature". I wear him in a sling close to me every chance I can, but that's very uncomfy for him when I'm working. I know in a village setting there would be other kids to entertain him, or rocks to pick up, or insects to examine. He'd lay on the grass with the other babies or toddlers and get his socialization that way. I guess I'm just looking for research or articles pointing on how our ancestors dealt with babies, esp babies that are this young, in their day-to-day lives. I want to give him every opportunity to have a more natural, relaxed sort of childhood but it's a real struggle to do that AND get the work done that helps support this family. (There's also the fact that I want him to learn to self-entertain a little. My husband spends every moment he's home dangling things in front of the baby. While that's cool and all that they're bonding, I really don't think that's helping the baby's curiosity, esp considering the fact that he's not being given any time to BE curious about stuff before it's thrust in his face.)