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  • Starting in the Month of December...

    Very new to the Primal planet, bought a couple of books only yesterday... Anxious to start but also aware of some very real limitatins in the month of December. Do I STARTon Monday knowing this, or ease into it for the next 2-3 weeks, and START in earnest then? If so, what are some realistic guidelines to follow for the next 2-3 weeks? Have tried every diet, pill, exercise and other, with some successes, more failures and am very aware of my shortcoming but also anxious for a lifestyle change I learn to love and that works. I believe I can committ and focus better in 2-3 weeks, but don't want to go off the deep end in the meantime.

    Also new to forums and trying to find answers to questions I'm sure someone else has posted so forgive me if this is redundant - please point me in the right direction. Thank You!

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    I think that any little bit that you can change now will be for the better. You can maybe swap out a few foods now, and ease into it, if you really think you might not succeed during the holidays if you go whole-hog right away. But, if you fall off the wagon, just get right back on! I fell off during November and I'm climbing back onto that wagon now.
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      Welcome Paris, any time is a good time to eat primal food. But you won't lose much by waiting a few weeks and then committing to adopting it properly. You can use the time to learn a bit more and plan how you will make the changes you need to make then jump in boots and all when you are ready.

      It is almost exactly a year since I resolved that I was really going to tackle my issues. I decided to start with fitness rather than diet, but even so i put it off till school went back (ie this February) and I knew I would follow through. Then in June I discovered primal, was ready to adopt it straight away and been reaping the benefits ever since. My reassessment at the gym today I have lost weight, gained muscle and fitness, and best of all brought my blood pressure down.

      So, good luck to you whenever you decide to go for it. It's all good.
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        Thank you much - as it turns out that is exactly what I'm doing. I know there are a few events my husband has committed us to, not only not Primal in nature, but costly. So I'm spending my free time reading the books and actaully cooking - something I don't normally do, from the Quick and Easy meals. So far I'm really enjoying the food and not missing anything too much. I did actaully loose a pound last week without watching every calorie and tracking pratically every movement so I'm pretty happy. Here's to next year and the potential of Primal. Thanks again!