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  • Abdominal Pannus

    I have been on a Paleo diet for the past 8 months. I have lost over 110 lbs and feel fantastic.
    I am a 43 y/o Male 6'2" and reaching for a goal weight of about 175-180 lbs (12.5 stone).

    One issue that I am having is an Abdominal Pannus (lower belly flap).

    To lost this amount of weight I have changed my diet to a true Paleo Diet of raw leafy greens, raw fruit in moderation and protein.
    I also walk 4 miles a day(75 min), 1-3 times a week 50 minutes on an Elliptical machine (6 miles) and I have increased slowly my push-ups to 30 at a clip.

    I am aware that you can not target any region to facilitate where in the body the weight loss comes from.

    I know I still have 30-45 lbs to reach my goal weight. As the year goes on and the weight comes off, the rate of weight loss has decreased but not stopped. I feel cutting calories more will have negative affects on my health.

    Is there any non surgical methods that anyone has found to reduce or eliminate the abdominal pannus? I am sure as time goes on and weight goes down some of the subcutaneous fat will disappear but the skin tightening of the flap does not seem to be happening at all. It just hangs lower and is looser as the weight comes off.


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    My understanding is that loose skin will tighten up after about a year to 18 months after the weight loss stops. However with large amounts of weight loss, age, and genetics it may never completely go back. Sorry I can't be much more helpful than that.