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Dear Mark: Going Primal without a gallbladder

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  • Dear Mark: Going Primal without a gallbladder

    Is going nearly 100% primal an option for someone who has had their gall bladder removed? Without a gall bladder, the emulsification of fats, and their digestability, become more difficult without that 'store' of bile to help out. And because primal involves consuming a lot of fat, I was wondering if there are any tips, supplements, ect. that someone could do/take to try and adhere as closely to a primal diet as possible. Or is this an 'over-thinking' thing---will my body become more adept at/used to digesting fats regardless of a missing gall bladder, negating a need to supplement or be concerned about the issue?

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    Go slowly at first. Use Super Enzymes as needed. Don't do this...and you will shit fat. I'm not even kidding. GO...SLOWLY.

    Your body will adapt. I was bloated, gassy and nauseated eating Primal after my gallbladder was removed.

    Also, read this:

    How to Enjoy Bacon without a Gallbladder | Paleo Parents
    A Post-Primal PrimalPat

    Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.


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      There are several threads here in regards to going primal without a gallbladder. Just put "no gallbladder" in the search engine to bring them up.

      That being said, I've been without a gallbladder for over 20 years. I suffered from chronic diarrhea for most of those years. Things improved when I changed my diet. The diarrhea reappears when I go off plan.