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Help....Ive got verucas !

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    Originally posted by Crabbcakes View Post
    My mom got rid of a huuuuge one by using "Compound W" (brand name) wart medicine (salicylic acid is the active ingredient), but I don't know if you have that in NZ. My daughters all swim, and all ended up with mild cases of them - I used 70% pure propolis tincture on them. It makes a shellac-y shell (you just apply and let dry).

    The book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" by Phyllis Balch has nutritional supports for almost everything - might be worth a look. I bought the last couple of revisions of it. Otherwise, if yours are deep, or particularly large, or growing in colonies, I would also seek out a podiatrist.
    i had a few on my foot, i used compound W

    it burned them off a layer at a time, pain free, mess free (and by burned, it just made layers of dead skin). when the wart had been treated completely, there was nothing but healthy skin, not even a scar or dimple

    so if you can find it where you are, or a similar thing, i highly recommend it. super easy and cheap
    yeah you are

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      Well ..... an update on my feet. I never got round to seeing the doctor about them, because I found that the more I wore my vibrams, the more the soreness disappeared. In fact I can now only just feel them on my feet but I think that they are being erroded away by simple old "nearly" barefoot walking, - however I have put compound W on tomorrows shopping list.
      thank you all
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