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Vasculitis resulting from diet changes

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  • Vasculitis resulting from diet changes

    Hi Mark!

    Wondering if you could speak about or knew of anyone who had experienced vasculitis or skin infections/rashes as a result of the diet changes. i am a 31 y/o and have suffered from obesity and hypothyroidism. I began reading you blog several months ago and was interested in making a diet change. In order to lose weight, I had mostly stuck to just working out in the past, which was moderately beneficial. I also have a chronic cough and wondered if it was a result of a food intolerance. I went off gluten, and noticed positive effects (less cough, less bloatedness, increased energy). Although I do not have an autoimmune disorder, they do run in my family (rheumatoid arthritis) and wanted to take preventive measures. About one month ago, I went off grains, dairy, foods which have been known to cause inflammation (for example tomatoes, eggplant, nuts, etc), sugar, and gluten. I noticed increased energy and and weight loss. However, a few days into it I began to experience small, itching bumps on my back, chest, neck, arms, palms of my hands and top of my feet. I had not added anything to my diet or changed soaps, detergents. I went to my primary physician, who gave me a 10 day course of steroid treatment. I continued with the diet along with the treatment and the symptoms did not improve. I saw a dermatologist, who took biopsies and extensive blood work. the biopsies came back positive for vasculitis but my blood work did not indicate inflammation (RA factor, ANA, RPR). I also had an allergy profile done, which showed i was allergies to grass and cats (which I already knew).
    At this point, my rash has calmed down with the steroid treatment and now localized to just the feet and hands. I have been on steroid treatments for the past 1/1/2 months. In the last week, I cheated and ate a few grains and dairy for two days. During that time, I did not experience increase in my rash or itchiness. I went back on my diet yesterday and last night began to experience itchiness in the hands and a slight tingling sensation in my right hand. On top of all this, I also consulted with a naturopathic doctor, who felt it may be food related an recommended supplements fro liver detox/blood cleansing. At this point, i am desperate for any feedback, advice, or thoughts as my doctors and i don't know what to do.

    Thank you for all you help and taking taking the time to read this,