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Asperger's and the Neanderthal connection

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  • Asperger's and the Neanderthal connection

    I'm sure there are plenty of aspies on this board, and we'd all love a deeper look on whether we are descended closely from Neanderthals, exhibiting throwback traits like they had. And the improved hunting ability of an adjusted aspie cannot be ignored.

    The Neanderthal theory of autism, Asperger and ADHD

    Neanderthal Project Asperger’s Syndrome
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    OMG The Essential Diet for Children with Autism paleo for autism.
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      Thanks for the links. They are intriguing.


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        So you're saying I'm actually NOT human? That explains so much.
        In all of the universe there is only one person with your exact charateristics. Just like there is only one person with everybody else's characteristics. Effectively, your uniqueness makes you pretty average.


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          This is so big. I can't believe all my quirks were on the autism spectrum my whole life! Almost everything I thought was unique about me is just aspergers. And why such a high-protein diet makes me feel so good. The Neanderthal physiology demanded specific proteins according to some research - the same proteins that help alleviate autism. As a little boy, in my homework, when it asked for my favorite food, all I wrote was "meat". And at the store, if mom asked what I wanted, it was almost always tuna or a pack of meat. I always needed it, never got it, and was a psychotic mess throughout childhood.
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            Genome hints humans, Neanderthals rolled in prehistoric hay | Ars Technica
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              Regarding the possible neanderthal-autism link

              Autism: The Eusocial Hominid Hypothesis

              ASDs (autism spectrum disorders) are hypothesized as one of many adaptive human cognitive variations that have been maintained in modern populations via multiple genetic and epigenetic mechanisms. Introgression from "archaic" hominids (adapted for less demanding social environments) is conjectured as the source of initial intraspecific heterogeneity because strict inclusive fitness does not adequately model the evolution of distinct, copy-number sensitive phenotypes within a freely reproducing population.

              Evidence is given of divergent encephalization and brain organization in the Neanderthal (including a ~1520 cc cranial capacity, larger than that of modern humans) to explain the origin of the autism subgroup characterized by abnormal brain growth.

              Autism and immune dysfunction are frequently comorbid. This supports an admixture model in light of the recent discovery that MHC alleles (genes linked to immune function, mate selection, neuronal "pruning," etc.) found in most modern human populations come from "archaic" hominids.

              Mitochondrial dysfunction, differential fetal androgen exposure, lung abnormalities, and hypomethylation/CNV due to hybridization are also presented as evidence.
              A short video introduction:

              The full 2-hour video presentation:


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                This is super fascinating!
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