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Having One Kidney + Primal Blueprint

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  • Having One Kidney + Primal Blueprint


    Is there anything one should know about the interaction of this diet with having only one kidney? I fear that with the increase of protein and fat I may be damaging myself? I read that if one has increased protein in one's urine it is a sign of problems.

    Thank You

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    I know this was covered in the Atkins world, I read about several people doing Atkins (low carb, high fat) with on kidney who ha no problems at all. Remember this is NOT a high protein lifestyle, about 25% is the maximum. It is high fat, and that should not bother your kidney function at all.

    High protein can cause problems, but only if you are already suffering fairly advance kidney disease.

    If you are worried, speak to your specialist & ask his advice on the maximum amount of protein safe for you to consume.
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      My son has 1 1/2 kidneys and the specialist said watch out when he becomes a teenager if he tries to bulk up and goes on a very high protein diet that could cause problems. So watch your protein and trust that yes you really can eat more fat.
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        Thank you to both responses so far!
        I'm from Canada, we have no experts here, just the lowlifes left over that could not make it in the USA or in black market practice in Canada.

        My other concern is that I'm already pretty lean, around 6-10% body fat and everyone that I know who has gone on the diet has lost weight even when it was not their goal.

        Any insights?


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          If you don't want to lose weight make sure you keep your calories up and consider eating a bit of white rice or potatoes/sweet potatoes for the extra carbs. If dairy works for you that can help you gain/keep weight too.


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            But I already eat lots of potatoes, rice, bread, juice and I'm still 6-10% body fat... So wouldn't that defeat the purpose of this diet?