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Weight Loss is Very Slow...Why??

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    Eliminate all dairy except parmesan & try intermittent fasting. Calorie cycling might also be a useful tweak- more one day, less the next. Check your body fat %, that is what you really want to track.


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      If I go too low carb for too long, I get depressed and stop losing weight. Moving up to 75g or so might help you. Have you tried IF? I frequently do a super easy version with dinner over before 6 and no breakfast until 7:30/8. Have you looked at the other tenets of PB - sleep, stress, play, etc?


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        I suspect the weight *gain* wasn't fast and steady either. Give it another 3-4 weeks, and really listen to your body. Eat primal foods when you're hungry, DO NOT EAT when you're NOT hungry. This way you'll be eating what your body asks for. Food you eat when you're not hungry is unecessary. Don't eat snacks and mini-meals to stave off hunger. Let yourself get hungry, truly hungry, at least once a day. Then eat a real meal and get nice and full. Carry on with your day. There is no magic here.
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        There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo



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          Originally posted by PaleoPenn View Post
          I did Atkins maybe 10 years ago, lost 20 lbs then put it all back on. I think your carbs AND cals are too low. Shoot for 100-125 carb, 1800-2000 cal range. You may be in starvation mode? Don't worry about the exercise just yet, learn to eat Primal first.

          I love nuts too but they really flatlined my weightloss.
          No there really may be no such thing as "starvation mode".
          Starvation Mode – Why You Probably Never Need to Worry About It | Fitness Black Book

          Reduce/eliminate dairy and try calorie/carb cycling- eat no carbs a few days a week and see if that helps. Intermittent fasting also & cold thermogenesis.


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            No, Darth, no! Next you'll tell me Santa Claus isn't diabetic!

            I'm one of those for whom low-carb has worked, but it worked slowly. I'm also a young-ish, active male. I do carb load every few days, or when it feels right - like after sprinting. I also get enough iodine by eating seafood and seaweed a few times a week to keep my thyroid running well. Got to baby that thyroid, it is a crucial key to staying trim. More so for women, it seems judging by threads I've seen here.
            Crohn's, doing SCD