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Blog Post Idea... Keto Adapted... Now What??

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  • Blog Post Idea... Keto Adapted... Now What??

    Hi Mark,

    I have a question. I have attempted ketogenic diets in the past, but have always failed at them due to the fact that I was not understanding how a keto diet is supposed to work. I was not understanding that low carbs were used to become keto-adapted (aka - a “fat burner”), and that this is basically step one of using a keto diet for fat loss.

    After listening the interview with Jimmy Moore and yourself regarding ketones, I now understand how the keto diet is supposed to work. This is something that has not been well explained in the industry... even McDonald and Palumbo are not at all clear about the stages of a keto diet (becoming keto adapted and then losing fat). All of the resources seem to explain how to begin the process, but they do not explain that whole "keto-adapted" idea, and they don't explain what to do once it is accomplished. I think this is why people freak out when their purple ketostix begin to lose colour. They think that something is wrong, when actually, everything is going great!

    But, I have reached a point where I need a bit more direction. I feel that I am reaching a point of keto adaptation. I never did have keto breath, but I did have large amounts of ketones in my urine for about a month. I am now noticing that my ketones are decreasing and my energy levels are high. I think I may have made it to keto-adapted!

    But, now what? I am looking for more advice than, “Start IF’ing.” Do I increase my carbs now and decrease my fats? What about calories?

    I should also mention, I used to be a former competitive bodybuilder and the extreme diets and insane training did some damage to my metabolism. I have been fighting with this since getting out of competing in 2008. Lowered calories seem to cause an immediate negative effect, so I am a little scared of IF’ing...

    this would make for a great blog post!


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    Good idea however most people on the forums are not keto adapted from what I can glean.
    I think mark presents keto adaptation but realizes most people will choose not to reach it It takes *months*. As such I think any post on the subject would be speaking to a very small minority.

    To speak to your actual question about what to do...


    as a previous, competitive bodybuilder you probably have more knowledge and biofeedback than most Primals. You know what effect things have on you and I'm willing to bet are pretty in touch with your body at this point.

    Congratulations you are doing everything right.

    Play with intermittent fasting. It shouldn't be hard or make you hungry.

    Try to remove caffeine from your diet if you haven't already

    experiment with new foods, recipes and diversify the number of things you regularly eat

    get more sunlight on your skin

    See what happens when you change X, Y, Z to learn more how your body responds
    ad astra per aspera


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      Thanks FastCat!

      It has occurred to me that the 'keto-adapted' state is not at all common. This is something that has been badly missed in the health/diet/fitness industry. I think that is why so many people start out with lots of ketones and think they are doing well, but panic when the ketone levels decrease. They don't realize that this is a big milestone, and see it as a problem instead.

      My diet is already pretty varied (I'm a foodie :roll eyes, and now that summer is coming to northern Canada, we will be seeing some sunlight. I will try a bit of IF and see how that goes.

      Thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it!


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        Still, probably will earn a place in one of his multi-topic blog posts.

        Not sure why many around here wouldn't be keto-adapted.
        Crohn's, doing SCD