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Refueling with protein after workout... Do you have to if not hungry ?

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  • Refueling with protein after workout... Do you have to if not hungry ?

    I have been Paleo nearly a year... Lost 55 lbs and Just found Mark's great Primal Blueprint program to take it up a notch to drop more weight. I Started the occasional fasting every few days from 6pm until noon or so the following day, which has removed all cravings (so I must be getting into fat burner mode!). I am keeping my carbs between 20-50 grams a day. My question is: since I usually work out in the morning, I was used to shaking up whey isolate protein powder with water to drink immediately after as I have always read that it is important to get some protein in immediately after a workout for muscles. I have noticed the past few days that I am neither 'woozy' or hungry after I exercise, so should I still have the protein at that time or just wait and save the calories for later ? Thoughts ? Thanks !

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    I'm essentially doing exactly the same but I am only just starting on the You are Your Own Gym program as a Primal Fitness extender. I don't have enough evidence yet to answer your question but I am certainly interested in answers from more experienced practitioners!
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      no need to refuel with protein. it's certainly good for building muscle, but if that's not what you're after...don't worry too much about it. not eating after a workout can actually keep your body burning fat a little longer. as an added benefit, if you're anything like me, not eating after a workout can give you intense energy for the rest of the day.


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        Like Primalrob said, if you are concerned with adding (or even keeping to a certain extent) muscle, I am still a believer in having protein shake post work out ( and I mean ASAP). If you have no muslce building desires or concerns, then you could probably skip it, but since you are drinking them now, I would say keep them.

        I still add 30grams of carb powder (a waxy maize blend) to my 75grams of whey pro in my shakes, but I am a big guy interested in keeping my bigness as I get to sub 10% bodyfat.