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    Hi Mark,
    You mentioned that white rice is pretty innocuous b/c it has the bran (which contains lectin) removed in the polishing process. What about white wheat flour? Does it have the toxic stuff from wheat removed or is it still harmful b/c of the gluten? What about tapioca starch? I am also finding it hard to find beef or chicken broth that does not have hydrolyzed yeast..any suggestions or do i have to make my own from bones?
    thank you,

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    Im a newbie and only just finding my feet! However, best to make your own, then you know for sure there is nothing nasty in it.
    I have learned that trying to find sustitutes doesnt work, nor is it Paleo, nor helps in weight loss if thats your goal.
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      Dont go near wheat!

      White rice flour and tapioca starch are on the less offensive end of the scale if you have to use it something, and are not afraid of a few carbs.

      Real broth is home-made, delicious and nutritious.

      If this is for a sauce, there are loads of primal recipes for gravy etc. around. To thicken a sauce there are a few techniques too, simmer down the stock so the fat content is high, boil potatoes for ages and uses the potato starch, or you can try ingredients like arrow root, xanthan gum.

      Happy recipe searching!

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        Tapioca starch is from a tuber/root... IMO that makes it pretty acceptable on the Primal scale. But I would't use a ton of it. I wouldn't really use it at all if seeking weight loss... fine for maintenance on occasion.
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          White flour is full of gluten. Stay away from wheat in any form.

          I've found a couple of store-bought broths that don't have yeast. Pacific Foods is pretty good but does have a bit of sugar in it (evaporated cane juice). Really, making your own broth is very easy and you will get much more nutritional benefit from it.

          Tapioca starch/flour is okay, but carby if you're trying to do low-carb. I use it pretty often for thickening things. I also use potato starch.
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