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    Hello, I am just starting out on this new way of life and I am finding it extremely difficult to find meats and eggs that are not fed "organic soy". I was wondering if there was a specific website that would be grain and soy free. Since starting i have been researching every company that says organic only to find that they feed their animals grain and soy. Some places that I have found that are grain and soy free are really expensive. Does anyone know of a site that is reasonable?


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    Whole foods has the right kind of meat as well as your local farmer's market - but they are expensive. Fresh meat this time of year has probably not been eating grass in the pasture for a little while. The solution, when you get around to it, is to find a farmer who'll sell you meat in bulk from a real pasture-raised animal, and get a small extra freezer to put it in. The freezer pays for itself in the first few months, you get to meet your farmer, and you save a ton of cash. In the meantime, just do the best you can with what you've got - high quality meat is important but not nearly as important to your health as all the other stuff.
    Also, remember that soy beans are not necessarily all that bad for animals who are designed to be plant eaters - but they are fairly bad for humans.
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      thank you very much fpr tour help. i think we will be buying a whole cow and put it in the freezer!! thank you thank you


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        What tfarny said ^

        Eat Wild is a good place to start looking for grassfed meat from local farms.
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