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Systemic and local muscle recovery

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  • Systemic and local muscle recovery

    Best Mark
    I am your age and also spent a life time of training and fitness research, is a qualified Physical Educationist and have been a gym owner for some years.

    I must say that of all the different approaches and training methods yours makes the most common sense to me.

    I would so appreciate it if you could give me your views on the above title.

    I am spesifically thinking of this in the context of High Intensity training such as advocated by Pete Sisco and the late mike Mentzer.

    The basic principle rests on the assumption that the more intensity you can create, the shorter your workout can be and the longer your recovery time should be. This eventually leads to working a spesific muscle group every 10 days or more. Pete Sisco recommends holding a weight in your strongest position for only 10 seconds and the weight being as heavy as you can tolerate for 10 seconds. That means your actual training time per workout if you cover eight muscle groups will be a very attractive 80 seconds.

    I have followed this fascinating regimen for some weeks now and have found that it really takes at least 7 - 10 days for my system to recover if you do nothing during recovery time.

    Why am I asking this question? Well firstly I respect your views and would really like to hear how you view this in the context of the Primal Blueprint.

    Secondly I would like to marry somehow the High Intensity method with Primal Blue print, simply because I love a challenge such as improving intensity either in more weight or reps etc. Problem is that if you do a high intensity full body workout you are out of action for more than 7 days. I do not like that. I like the idea of moving around daily like you recommend.

    Now I was thinking of doing one very intense exercise per day in the way of holding or lifting a very heavy weight, as recommended above. Then spend one or two days of leisurely movement and play as you recommend and then the next muscle group using only one exercise again and then leisurely movement and continuing like that until I've covered the eight basic muscle groups. Then repeat the process.

    On high intensity days I would like to add one minute of either 60 seconds sprinting or pulling or pushing something heavy. That gives more or less 2 minutes of extremely intense work on such days and then more or less 3-4 hours of leisurely movement on other days.

    I do not like the body building or strength freak look and much prefer the natural look as seen with you.

    What do you think?