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Week #4 I need advice

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  • Week #4 I need advice

    I am starting week #4 of PB. I have been tired and not "with it" starting week #3.

    B. 3-4 oz Natural Bacon, 2-3 eggs, fruit

    L. 6-8 oz meat, chicken, turkey, beef

    D. 6-8 oz Meat, salad

    Nuts throughout the day.....

    I am not craving anything. I am slacking in my workouts because of lack of energy. I weighed myself week #1 and lost 8lbs. I am down a belt notch. But the past 3 weeks I have not been on the scale and I feel as if I haven't lost anything.....

    If anyone has went through what I am I would appreciate some feedback....


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    how many nuts are you eating? How much fruit? When I first started trying low carb, I tried varying levels, going over 150g for a week or so to see if it helped and it didn't. Also, there's the 'low carb flu' that lasts longer for some people - for me, it was about 4 weeks.

    I was kind of wonky until I did some intermittent fasting, which seemed to help. I just skipped a few meals, and that seemed to help my body get over some of the weirdness I was feeling.


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      Fruit - 2 pieces a day - 1 Orange, 1 Banana, or a cup of Cherries....

      Nuts - Probably to much.....Raw Cashews, Almonds....16oz a week....


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        I think you need to up the veg bigtime. Also, there was a post about eating fruit and fat together. I think the conclusion was that you should eat fruit first thing in the morn, or for a snack in the middle of the day so the fat from the other food doesnt interfere with glucose and insulin.

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          Change it up. I am having wonderful results with my days like this: Ketosis, low-carb, low-carb, refeed, Ketosis, low, etc.

          Your low energy looks like it could be due to not enough fats.


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            IF has worked wonders for me in the area of breaking my old eating habits/patterns and getting my body (and brain) to think about food differently.

            My craving period was all but nothing (and having done low carb before, I know that is not normal for me).

            Also, I agree with SassaFrass - you might not be getting enough fat. Are you still in the habit of doing skinless chicken? Trimming the fat off your steaks? Buying the 93% lean ground beef?

            You also might want to read THIS regarding consuming too many raw nuts.


            I am hardly an expert on primal, but that's what came to mind off the top of my head.


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              Thanks for the advice. I do eat the skinless stuff,,,,and the lean 93 percent meat..Brahnamin I tried the link and it didnt work about the nuts......

              I think your right about the veggies Tara....

              Tim I will throw a fast in there.....

              I also feel like if I am not at the gym for an hour and half its not working.......

              SassaFrass what do mean by:

              Ketosis, low-carb, low-carb, refeed, Ketosis, low, etc..

              Can you tell me in food terms? I would appriciate it...


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                Hrm. I was just talking about this on another thread. Mark's site doesn't always like [a href] style links.

                Here's the URL - even if the link is dead you should be able to follow it.


                Overtraining might also be an issue if you're in the gym 24/7.


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                  Specifically, Ketosis = 0 - 50g of carbs (or intermittent fasting), Low-Carb = 50 - 100g and a refeed would be no more than 150g carbs in a day.

                  Do these in sporadic cycles, with intermittent fasting and your body will respond nicely.

                  You may want to look at increasing your Magnesium and supplement with Fish Oil, if you haven't done that already.

                  I posted a link in here about a study on Magnesium and it's results on possible 'Metabolic Disorder' and 'Insulin Resistance', which for me sounded like what I was encountering. Now by going 'Primal' and not allowing my body to 'settle' into a routine, I am FINALLY getting out of my self-induced rut!


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                    I went through a period around my third week, when my body just seemed to shut down. I wasn't hungry, but I was extremely sleepy and my muscles were fatigued. I added an extra serving of fruit to my meals and it seemed to help. It passed after a few days and I have been much better since.


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                      Thanks everyone for the help...

                      I felt great yesterday......!!!