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    I like cold weather and wear a kilt year round. I also camp year round.

    I lost 40 lbs last summer fall and then fell off the Primal wagon. Climbed back on today and to celebrate I head for the woods tomorrow night to hang in my hammock. The low will be 25 degrees. - George
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      I love camping - I hate having to find the loo at 2am!

      I sleep in my nice comfy bed but I cannot sleep withou the window open no matter how cold and it has been quite cold recently. The only horror is getting out of my warm pit into a cold bedroom
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        Nice blog information sleeping is important for every person because in sleeping time all day in our body which type of broken in this time these things are constructed. Relax and best place is best for sleeping because in this place we easily sleep. I like this topic and information which increase my knowledge.


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          Yup. At the same time I would like to lay in my quictent hammock in the backyard. Listen to the old music and sway into dream under the stary sky. That's unforgetable. I love my hammock. I love the summer nights.