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  • zero carb

    i was thinking trying zero carb
    but had few questions

    i was thinking of having like broth just homemade no salt nothing from boiled chicken or beef
    or turkey or pork etc..

    having all types meat
    using fats butter oils
    using blk pepper and parsley only pinch

    i was wondering if its possible to pig out on it or should i restrict calories

    like example day

    breakfast - 2 cups chicken broth and 3 broiled leg quaters large

    lunch 12 eggs fried in butter and 2 cups broth with chicken fat from

    dinner 2pound rack roasted ribs in its own fat which is eaten after done and broth

    would that be over doing it know most meats high calories but would eating freely be too much or calories matter?

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    Not sure if serious.

    Nobody should eat 12 eggs fried in butter, not for any cholesterol bullshit, that's just way too much food, not sure how you'd even manage.

    Give it a go though, if you can afford it.
    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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      well maybe not that much food just like wondering if theres a real limit to near zero carb diet


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        Experiment, but don't be abusive with your body, there's just no need to eat so much food even if you can "get away with it" through not gaining weight. Make sure you're eating plenty of offal, and making bone broths, don't just eat steak and eggs.

        go google "adventures in diet" if you're serious about a zero-carb diet. It's a short and must-read for any would be ZC dieter.
        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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          Just because low carb is good (for some people) doesn't necessarily mean zero carb is better.


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            why go zero carb? would you be using it as an excuse to glutonously endulge in food wihtout weight repercussions? if so, and i suspect so, that's not a healthy eating pattern. that's more than likely emotional eating.

            really, i don't understand permanent 'zero' carbers (which i put in quotes, cause it's actually impossible to eat zero carbs). i'll have days where it's all animal products, no veg, but it's not planned.


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              i guess was just very interested to be like the wild beasts eat meat sleep and no more calorie count r weight issues just perfect health


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                It's either no fat or high fat. It's your choice, but you have to choose only one or the other. Same with the carbs.


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                  if you go zero carb, eat as much of the animal as possible. organs, skin, cartilage, marrow, bone broth and everything else
                  yeah you are

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                    thankyou but should i worry about what type calories come from it


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                      i think i decided start out simple 3 large leg quaters maybe 2 eggs a day
                      boil it so have chicken broth to drink with its own fat all day and have 3 meals set and tons broth and water and little herbs like blk pepper and parsley and bit cayanne maybe but keep it natural before trying other meats


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                        Official Advice: The dangers of low carb eating | THAT PALEO GUY


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                          i gave thought thinking of not doing meat because scared since vegetarian to probably just go to pure eggs 15-18 eggs a day maybe more and water keep simple diet since eggs are perfect nutrition has a ton different vitamins in it then meats


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                            they are easy to cook and full nutrition only reason think eggs would provide nutrition then just meat at the moment so might stick to eggs and water


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                              forgive me if I misunderstand, is this a serious post?

                              if so take a look at the Ketogenic diet all your answers are there.

                              non fat non protien food items have things the body needs. however if you have REASON to avoid them ( for instance i need to get my fasting insulin down below 10) then you need to supplement the things you are not eating.

                              If you are in good health then make the wisest choices you know how to make, and try not ot mess up a good thing
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