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    I think a lot of people would appreciate a post on keeping yourself healthy while doing manual labor. Long days carrying heavy materials in steel toed boots is tough, especially for people who had desk jobs in a better economy. It would be a great holiday gift, and it could bring in a new demographic readership. Thank you for the consideration.

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    I agree! I sometimes do manual labor at my job, although mostly it's a desk job. my coworker does the bulk of the manual labor and always boasts about how great it feels to do it with a big yeeeehah! I admit, it feels great when I'm lifting and dumping heavy boxes, or taking a hammer to something


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      I was a manual laborer until the economy crashed. Nothing left for us to do (we sold our jobs to china and india), so now I work in a hospital. No heavy lifting aka 'fun' anymore, but I do get to walk about seven miles every day. Sometimes I sneak into a closet and do pushups to feel alive.
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        I work in security but recently I helped unload a truck because the proper personnel weren't available. I'm glad I don't have to bust my hump everyday but I must say a little honest straight forward physical work was refreshing.

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          I work in pretty much manual labor. You wouldn't think cleaning a rabbit hutch out is hard work, but then you do 15 of them. Then you clean out 12 reptile vivariums, 4 small mammal vivariums, 2 monkey cages and a skunk, move all the bedding, food, rubbish bags and animals around, then sweep up the giant mess made on the floor, then cycle home... Yeah. I'm knackered when I come home in the evening. I'm pretty glad I only do it once a week now, when I did it 5 days a week for my apprentiship, I was pretty dead for the weekends!
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