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  • Citrus intollerance

    Hi Mark,
    My DD(15mo) had been dealing with eczema since she was on soy formula (it was better than the cow base since she has an issue with whey and couldn't latch on) but it has gotten worse since she started solids. Originally she was having issues with all gluten foods, whey foods (hence how I figured out why my gut reaction to her cry's when she was on milk based formula was right), and certain fruits-apples and peaches. Since then her eczema has stayed relatively negligible until recently when she started eating foods in dips (like ranch dressing and mustard). I've narrowed it down to the vinegar in these dips and know that citris intollerance runs heavily in my family. I have two problems though, now that I've figured this out:
    1) There is so little information out there on this "rare" intollerance that I have very little to go on in regards to which foods to avoid (I know that berries are one and that she can't eat them anyway unless I want a messy diaper). This problem is exaccerbated by her lack of vocabulary. Do you have ANY information regarding this intollerance?
    2) She and I have so many food issues (nightshades, whey, gluten, soy/legumes, and now citrus) that I feel at a loss for what to feed her that she will eat (she is a picky toddler). Do you have a recipe for a lunch or dinner meal that I could try?

    Thanks! All help is very appreciated.
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