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    Let me say I love primal bluprint and have the books and live the life for the most part. However I simply cannot get over the price of the primal fuel. Even the supplement pack is very high but the Primal Fuel cost is insane. Pardon me here-----but it seems almost userous. Sure quality costs but not 80 or 90 bucks for protein powder!!!!!!!!! Thats taking advantage and it pains me to think that Mark would engage in this sort of stuff. Sure its great to make a profit-- i would never deny anyone of that, but it gets to a point or again, being userous. I can go get protein powder from jay robb for instance that it literally 40% of the cost, which is derived from grass fed cows and get the same number of servings. You really have to reevaluate the cost structure. Thanks for hearing me out.

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    How is it userous? If people buy the stuff, then the price is good. Your inability to buy this does not make Mark a bad person.


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      Originally posted by dado View Post
      How is it userous? If people buy the stuff, then the price is good. Your inability to buy this does not make Mark a bad person.
      Actually, yes it does make Mark a bad person.

      Why? Because he is an advocate of living a healthy and intelligent life. His tenets of the Primal Blueprint include not only prescriptions for what to eat and how to exercise but also general life practices like sleep, relaxation, and other lifestyle choices. Selling obscenely over-priced and nutritionally questionable products violates his tenet of "Don't do stupid things," for starters. He's stupid to rip people off and he encourages stupid behavior in his followers who fall for the scam and buy his overpriced, overhyped and nutritionally questionable products and supplements.


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        Disclaimer: I don't use primal fuel, have never tasted it and if I was just looking for a protein powder to guzzle post workout I wouldn't buy it.

        But, if I was a really busy person (which I am) who finds that always getting a whole food meal isn't always top of their priority and sometimes wants to just whack a few things in a blender and have a tasty smoothie that covers most basis (which I do now and then when I don't want to IF) and felt that having that smoothie be a of a consistent quality and taste that I liked without having the hassle of having to buy separate ingredients and get the mix right each time, and could afford to buy it would I? Probably, or at least I'd give it a try. The guar gum in it may affect me as it does with a lot of cocount milks.

        Personally I like mixing it up and making my own meal replacement smoothies and the variety, but I can see the appeal. And as long as you're not using it to replace every meal, I see it as falling in with the 80/20 rule.
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        Originally posted by tfarny
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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          Hmmm. First of all, having tried the Primal Fuel at PrimalCon, I can say that it is very yummy. I also put on several pounds that weekend. I don't buy PF even though I can afford it because it is not what I want in a powdered drink. I want a pure protein supplement such as whey or eggs. The PF contains a lot of coconut and a boatload of calories and fat.

          Is it overpriced? Yeah.
          Is it what I want? No.

          So I have two really good reasons not to buy it. But that doesn't make Mark a bad person. A potential customer still has the free will to make the decision to buy or not to buy. He never says that thou shalt take these supplements lest thou not be fully Primal. If people choose to buy these products it is because they feel that this works for them.

          Personally I don't feel I need supplements of any kind but I have no problem with the fact that Mark makes his living off selling supplements because he is so upfront about the fact that he makes his living selling supplements.


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            I don't understand the uproar. No one is making you buy anything. If you don't want it just move on.

            There are a lot a bad people in the world - selling protein powder that you deem too expensive doesn't even come close to qualifying as a bad person.
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