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Testosterone and Primal Living?

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  • Testosterone and Primal Living?

    Howdy all,

    I'm new to Primal living. I would be interested in seeing an article on how the Primal Diet effects Testosterone production.


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    I'm not sure about the diet, but I'm pretty sure that lifting heavy things on a regular basis will increase your testosterone levels.
    Norak's Primal Journal:
    2010-07-23: ~255lbs, ~40.0"
    2011-11-03: ~230lbs, ~35.5"
    2011-12-07: ~220lbs, ~34.0"


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      Here is a link to some good info on the topic at Paleo Hacks.


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        As anecdotal evidence, I get my T tested every 6 months. Before I started it hovered around 600 ng/dL total T consistently for 5 years. After starting Primal in Nov 2010, I have it tested twice, 844 first reading in Jan 2011 and 919 in July 2011.
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          I've had similar results to those of IcarianVX. In addition, a femaie hormone that's tracked in men, Estradiol, decreased, another positive result. It's the combo of weight loss and exercise.


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            No articles off the top of my head, but a couple of things you can do to help :

            Lift heavy, sprint occasionally, sleep, eat some carbs (especially after you train). Add spices like turmeric to your diet and good old saturated fats!
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