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    Being bioloically infertile works for me. Apparently neem oil is a spermicide and a bottle of neem and a turkey baster is all you need. Mind you that came from India and they are not exactly sparsely populated....Lol!


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      Originally posted by Claraflo View Post
      Being bioloically infertile works for me.
      Even so, be careful. If you observe fertile mucous, still take precautions. Of course, it turns out that what my friend's doctor meant by 'infertile' was 'a very low chance of pregnancy'. Luckily, she was okay with her surprise.


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        I would never trust the rhythm or charting method. My mucus changes depending on what I eat, what soap I happen to use, if the wind is blowing from the north, a black cat crosses my path etc. I'm extremely sensitive to a lot of stuff which can really change my body chemistry fast. I would never be able to tell if my mucus color etc. was from being really horny, ovulating, or having a reaction to my soap/new toilet paper. I can't take BCP, so I go with condoms and if I'm really worried, condoms and pull out method. Sorry guys I know it sucks, but yeah no babies here.
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          Yeah. I took myself off birth control in July, and started charting and tracking and temping then, but I still don't trust it.

          We use condoms if I'm in my fertile phase, and VCF when I'm certain I'm not. So far, so good.
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            I gotta echo the condoms.

            However, dh hated condoms. SO he went for the vasclip.
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