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  • Insomnia!

    Went primal about 18 days ago and I'm having major issues sleeping at night. Energy level during the day has been great but I can't sleep at night.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Many if not most of us require less sleep after going primal. Both the wife & I wake up naturally about 2 hours earlier every day. How many hours are you sleeping each night?

    Here are some natural sleeping aids recommended by members on this board:
    Natural Calm was the most popular,
    available at Health Food Stores & Amazon.Com
    Natural Calm

    valerian root, kava kava, or tea with valerian root in it

    Melatonin with great success and no grogginess in the morning
    +1 on the Melatonin!! Double or more the dose on the better dreams!
    try 1mg of melatonin- (more is not better with this supplement.)

    Bluebonnet brand liquid magnesium, one tablespoon about an hour before bed, works like a dream.
    or Magnesium citrate 400-600 mg 1 hour before sleep.

    Sleep Mask Aroma Home Silk Eye Mask Black: Health & Personal Care



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      I had this happening, and fixed by doing 2 things: no coconut oil after 3 pm (it keeps me awake), and fish ol capsules taken no later than 5 pm. Both these actions fixed my sleep. I take 800 mg magnesium 2 hours prior to bed, it helps me have deep, restful sleep. I need 7.5-8 hours nightly.


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        I've been getting about 5 hours on good days and sometimes less when I have to get up early for work. I feel very tired around 9-10pm but when I actually try to go to bed, I cant fall asleep.

        Thanks for the thoughts.


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          Since I started taking Natural Calm I practically fall into a coma at night.


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            i try to go for the zero-interference approach on insomnia - set a nice rhythm and stick to it - but if there's any upset to that rhythm at all, i get thrown into a tailspin and it gets progressively worse. melatonin has been a good reset button on that for me - i.e., if i'm in bed and frustrated for more than half an hour, i take it and then feel confident that i won't throw the rhythm out of whack.


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              I try not to take my supplements anytime after dinner because some of them will keep me a little too alert (Magnesium being the obvious exception).


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                yap, the problem with sleepin, i think it happens often, but thanks for the tips , very helpful... ))


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                  I suggest avoiding melatonin like it was poison.

                  My doctor has some amazing horror stories of melatonin dependance some folks develop once their body stops making it naturally. (EDIT: ymmv)

                  It's supposed to be a GREAT way to become an insomniac for life.

                  I never slept like normal people anyway; but, you could always try switching your workouts around. On VLC a workout puts me to bed. When a bit higher in carbs, it has me up all day.

                  Using any chemical, natural or not, would be the LAST thing to try when adjusting imho.


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                    I have just discovered the FINAL FIX for my insomnia problems, and sooo simple !

                    Just take seaweed supplements for iodine. Dr. Davis recommends 500 mcg to 1,000 mcg daily of kelp supplements.
                    The RDA for non-lactating adults is 150 mcg per day, the quantity required to not have a goiter, but not necessarily ideal thyroid health. I’ve therefore been advising 500-1000 mcg per day from an iodine supplement, such as kelp tablets (dried seaweed), available at health food stores (not pharmacies). (note:Read his warnings)
                    Also see these important links:
                    How to Self-Test for an Iodine Deficiency
                    Iodine Deficiency | University of Michigan Health System