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  • Dear Mark,

    What are your suggestions for use as thickening agents in gravies and sauces? I have read arrowroot and tapioca starch are idea, but also read they cause insulin spikes that are worse than those caused by bread. Any suggestions?
    Primal since March 5, 2012
    SW: 221 | CW: 204 | LPW: 166 | UGW: 140 (80 lbs loss)


    • Mark: would love to hear your take on EPOC.



      • The Primal Blueprint and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have been suffering with CFS for years, keeping me out of the workforce and preventing most exercise regimes. I came to the Primal Blueprint mainly because a significant weight loss and correcting a severe iron deficiency still weren't improving my energy levels enough to lift me above barely functional.

        I realize it's a pretty complex issue, especially since the cause of CFS is much disputed, and people suffer from it in varying degrees, but any advice on how to implement PB keeping this particular health challenge in mind would be much appreciated.
        5'2", 55 years, Primal since April. Pre-Primal weight loss, from 216.6 to 157.8
        Primal low: 140.2 (Dec. 3) Goal weight: 135?
        Main Primal goal: beating back my CFS enough to function more normally and start writing again

        More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
        - Lewis Mumford


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          • Red Meat and Risk of Dying

            Hi Mark,

            I came across the following article recently in a newsletter and I'd be interested in what your take might be on it.

            Red Meat and Risk of Dying

            The research keeps piling up against red meat. A new study published this month in Archives of Internal Medicine shows that red meat consumption is associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality and death from cardiovascular disease and cancer, but that substituting fish and/or poultry in place of red meat leads to better health outcomes.

            Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed data from 37,698 men and 83,644 women, with up to 28 years of follow-up. They documented 23,926 deaths, including 5,910 from CVD and 9,464 from cancer.

            "We found that a higher intake of red meat was associated with a significantly elevated risk of total, cardiovascular and cancer mortality, and this association was observed for unprocessed and processed red meat, with a relatively greater risk for processed red meat," the authors comment. "Substitution of fish, poultry, nuts, legumes, low-fat dairy products and whole grains for red meat was associated with a significantly lower risk of mortality."

            "We estimated that 9.3 percent in men and 7.6 percent in women of total deaths during follow-up could be prevented if all the participants consumed fewer than 0.5 servings per day of total red meat in these cohorts," they comment.

            Pan, A et al. (2012) Red Meat Consumption and Mortality
            Results From 2 Prospective Cohort Studies. Arch Intern Med 172(7):555-56


            • Hi Mark,

              I would like you to talk about blood alkalinity versus acidity. Since going Primal I have found my urine to be more acidic. I was under the impression that being slightly alkaline is better.

              Question : Is Acidic Primal?



              • I'm fascinated by the many medicinal mushrooms that have long held a prized place in Eastern medicine, but which have only garnered scant attention in the West. Many of these mushrooms are sold as supplements, but others are commonly found in stores as food (shiitake, maitake, crimini, beech, etc.).

                I try to cook with mushrooms at least once a week, and was wondering if they might be considered a Primal "superfood." Also, what is your opinion on using mushroom blend supplements?


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                  Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


                  • Dear Mark,

                    I have a question and a suggested thread to invite other forum member ideas on the following topic,please;

                    What USA geographies-- to live one's life fulltime or perhaps two parttime locations ---might support the
                    ideas and tools of a Primal lifestyle and way of life incorporating all of the ideas
                    from your program?

                    If one could pick an ideal geography to buy some land and construct a home
                    to support our way of life where would that recommendation(s) or options or ideas be?



                    • I have been having IBS symptoms for weeks, and with 3 more weeks until my GI appointment can you advise what Paleo foods are ok to eat with this condition? Thanks!


                      • A recent guest post in Scientific America discussing paleo diets Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network has me thinking that there must be a way to scientifically determine the eating habits of of our ancestors. It is mostly a "nice to know"exercise in my mind because the real science that is important is what you have posted here on your website and blog about what foods are the most beneficial to our bodies while incurring the least damage. Seems SA would also take that approach and not just go off on a daydreaming tangent of thought. Thought this was worth a post to see if it piques your interest.


                        • Mark,

                          I was wondering about your thoughts on Dr. Stephen Macko and the hair analyses he does that shows most Americans get 60% of their diet from corn. Are we non-grain eaters still getting corn in places we don't realize? What might our hair analyses show? Because corn is disturbing to my gut, I think I'm getting some and I think the source is a product that does not list corn as an ingredient. Could you write about this?



                          • Hi mark!

                            I was wondering if it would be useful to have a blog post on exercising whilst fasting!

                            I know I'd find it useful!


                            • Does animal protein really cause inflammation?


                              I came across this article and was shocked to read that animal protein triggers inflammation and is linked to autoimmunity. What are your thoughts on this.

                              Thanks for all you do!

                              7 Reasons Kale Is the New Beef | Energetic Health


                              • Maple Syrup vs. Agave Nectar

                                Originally posted by Mark Sisson View Post
                                If you think you have a great topic for a blog post, are interested in doing a guest post for MDA, have a "Dear Mark" question or otherwise have a suggestion for me and the Worker Bees post it here. I'll check this forum periodically and try to address as many as possible.

                                I am very confused about why maple syrup is good to use, when it is 53 grams of sugar/carbs vs agave nectar, which is supposed to be not good, and is only 16 grams of sugar/carbs. Especially when you discuss the "sweet spot" of losing weight and the amount of carbs should be 50-100 grams.So I would like to see a blog post about this!