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  • Fibre. Reading through all the blog entries, your stance on fibre is kind of all over the place.


    • I'd love to see a blog post about the differences in mens/womens physiology, and how to fine-tune primal for the sexes. A lot of women feel awful on lower carb or have more difficulty losing weight than men.


      • Helminths - they are our "oldest friends". Hookworm, human whipworm, and pig whipworm are all being used successfully to treat serious auto-immune disorders like Crohn's and Rheumatoid arthritis.


        • Possible Negative Health Effects of long term VLC eating.

          There have been several threads recently from people, including myself, who have been suffering severe symptoms from long term VLC eating. Three weeks ago, I suddenly had an acute crisis that mimicked a thyroid crash...low HR, low BP, cold extremities, difficulty breathing, central sleep apnea, dizzyness, nausea, hypoglycemia etc. I landed in the ER only to have them tell me that everything was fine.

          For some reason even those of us who have read the Primal Blueprint and other Paleo based books seem to easily lose our way and fall into the VLC trap. My reasoning was "Primal is good for weightloss so very low carb Primal will be better". In my case, the weight loss stalled and I became progressively sicker. Now, I am just fighting to get my health back by adding Primal approved carbs back into my diet. The weight loss can wait.
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          • Falling off the "Primal Wagon"

            Originally posted by Mark Sisson View Post
            If you think you have a great topic for a blog post, are interested in doing a guest post for MDA, have a "Dear Mark" question or otherwise have a suggestion for me and the Worker Bees post it here. I'll check this forum periodically and try to address as many as possible.

            Dear Mark:

            I went Primal a year ago and lost 85 pounds! I have always been a sugar and carb "addict" and for me it was always all or nothing (either a whole cake or non at all) so the Primal lifestyle enabled me to be in control and never feel deprived. I felt great! Recently however, I broke down and had something sweet for the first time in over a year (I'm not sure why I did this...maybe boredom? maybe testing myself? maybe stress?) Whatever the reason..I indulged in some desert and immediately started binging on everything sugary and carb was like a switch was flicked back on! I managed to get back to Primal eating for a week or so after that, but my sweet cravings got the best of me again and I began another sugar and carb binge....I feel terrible and bloated and depressed.

            My question to you is...How do I get back on track again and stay there? I can't seem to "get it together" and stay on track. Have I ruined all my progress over the past year? Has anyone else you have ever worked with gone through this? Any words of advice and support would be greatly appreciated!! I love living the Primal lifestyle and really want to get back to it!!!

            Thank you!


            • Interesting discussion about Blog post.... i am agree with all discussion... Thanks a lots..!!!


              • Originally posted by Robinsoneion View Post
                Interesting discussion about Blog post.... i am agree with all discussion... Thanks a lots..!!!
                What??!!! Not sure what you are trying to say......


                • I'd love to see a post on Candida.

                  Hell, I'd love to write it!
                  A Post-Primal PrimalPat

                  Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.


                  • Having recently read a book about the Australian Aboriginals in the outback it would appear that hunter/gatherers in their case may routinely only eat one proper meal a day. Just because meat as a solid meal may be appropriate once a day doesn't automatically mean it is appropriate 3 or more times a day. Meat is surely not the easiest food to digest for many people. It would also appear that in other cultures other foods are chosen precisely because of the long digestion time required so people on a one meal a day schedule may choose foods such as peanuts for their one daily meal but these would not be appropriate should you be eating more than one meal.( ref:Healing with Whole Foods- Paul Pitchford)


                    • Dear Mark,

                      Two questions for you today. The first is pretty straightforward: what kinds of footwear do you recommend for sports? Mainly, I'm talking about indoor sports as most outdoor ones there is usually some kind of compromise. I was wondering about what your thoughts were on basketball and volleyball? I play the latter a couple times a week, but court shoes=lots of 'support'. More than anything, I'm worried about stress on joints, and the possibility of rolling an ankle.

                      Second, bit more of a personal question. I realize you're not Dr. Phil (not that I would really want his help in this situation anyways), but my fiancee was once on board with the primal lifestyle with me about a year and a half ago, but due to stress at school she backed a bit away from it. Now she is working towards getting back into a healthier lifestyle. However, she has begun to reinvest into CW, claiming that things like grains, etc can't be so bad. As a result, she has begun to make primal 'friendly' etc. I don't mean to come off as rude, but I don't want to eat it! They might be primal per se, but it seems like all she is trying to do is replace those foods. This has become a major source of tension and stress in our relationship. I know you're no therapist, but any advice?



                      • primal and gall bladder issues

                        I would love to see some advice about eating primal without a gallbladder. No help from the medical world in the UK - apparently it doesn't matter how much fat you eat, the worst that can happen is an upset stomach (!). I've researched it quite a lot and think I need to eat enough fat to use up the fat that constantly drips from the liver into the intestines, which otherwise can make holes in the gut lining. Also I know 2 people with gall bladder problems, but still have the organ, who would like to go primal, but worry about the fat content. Any suggestions you can give would be so welcome. There are quite a few of us out here with this problem. Have been doing the 30 day challenge for 9 days and have lost 8 lbs, ad am practising trial and error with the fats. Thanks, Shahzadi


                        • I was just diagnosed with gastritis, and my doctor recommended recovery meals of rice, toast, and bananas. Blecch. (He also chided me for my last meal being steak and vegetables.) How can I recover while staying Primal? Would taking probiotics help?
                          Thanks, Heather


                          • Hi Mark,

                            Coming from Atkins to Primal Blueprint and I have now convinced my husband to come along on my journey. He has experienced a couple of headaches, I suggested that he might need more salt. However, I think I learned this from the Atkins diet book. Do you have any advice regarding salt intake for avoidance of headaches, or other symptoms?

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                            • Dealing with anti Paleo people

                              Looking for a snappy response to this statement I encountered in a Facebook back and forth over the Paleo diet - this is so typical and I run into it regularly.

                              "Understand. Paleo is quite controversial and still requires many many more studies. It is not supported too heavily right now in our current state of holistic nutrition. Grains and legumes are vital contributions to reducing cholesterol and reducing colon cancer by up to 70%. Dairy and sugar removal is valuable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with coffee, in fact 1-2 cups per also assist in the reduction of colon cancer.To date Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D. leads the way still in elite nutrition and diet. On the positive note, followup with your bloodwork, colonscopies and bodyfat measurements."

                              of course I challenged her conventional wisdom with some links and received this -

                              "John Saville there is nothing dubious about "my conventional wisdom." Please share with everyone the only 29 person study and the 15 person study done on the Paleo diet. Inform us when there is an over a 5,000 person double-blinded study performed on these individuals. Share the studies, if you can find them? What your link points out is a succession of obvious facts that are commonly known today. Ms. Anderson it's not my goal to create a controversy here in anyway. You'll discover your own reactions/responses when the time comes.

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                              • I'm nearing the big 50 and have been a vegan for the past three years. In those years I have all but lost my desire for sex, which previously had been on the very high side, (for as long as I can remember). My body has taken a turn for the worse and even though I wasn't an exercise freak, I had always been fit. Could it have been the vegan diet that has put pounds on in my middle and softened my once tight-ish body? My real curiosity here is what effect will being primal have on women entering their transition phase of their lives. Most importantly, will my sex drive come back? This has brought on somewhat of a depression and I am just now giving this a 30 day try. My Peimal Quick and Easy Cookbook arrived today.