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    When the mind of Sylar's body back to your body from the mind Matt Sylar, Nathan, Sylar's back, tell a story, Heroes Season 4 DVD which was brilliant and took a terrifying turn, like driving 70 mph down a light stripe of highway, only to discover that suddenly become a dirty striped Peruvian Highlands (those with information on the series to understand, that should not get this far, congratulations by check, House M.D Season DVD which is clearly not intended to read!). So, here we have the evil Sylar that is hell bent to get revenge on everyone who has put a, whining unkillable, Nathan in his head, the first door, the home of Matt achitecturally disgusting.Hustle Season 6 DVD Matthew, however, manages to capture Sylar in his mind and his body began its brick wine cellar, a little 'like what you would expect from a psychotic killer serial Dexter to do, which is fine and dandy I guess, up to 5 minutes later, Peter turns up to cause trouble!