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Preventive Measures for PMDD the PRIMAL Way?

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  • Preventive Measures for PMDD the PRIMAL Way?

    Mark, Carrie, or anyone else who has experienced this:

    I'm posting in this part of the forum in hopes of one day seeing your insight on this topic in a blog post one day.

    I wonder if your years of research can provide any insight into how (or why) the woman's body/hormones/biochemical make-up makes us go through a torturous week of PMS (and in severe cases PMDD).

    Even going strict Primal it seems as if everything flies out the window once "it's that time." It's as if there is nothing that can prevent this monthly step back from primal living! Specifically what I mean is bloating, giving in to cravings, increased stress/anxiety, etc. Are there extra supplements that women should take? Vitamins to balance hormones?

    I know there have been other topics about regularity and menopause, but I have yet to see one that talks about preventing (or even getting rid of) PMS/PMDD the primal way.

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    My thoughts would be that saturated fats and vitamin D are crucial for the production of the various sex hormones.

    However I'm afraid I'm not sure past that point, and I pretty much have the opposite problems!

    I hope someone more helpful is along in a minute

    In the meantime, have you looked at Weston A Price Foundation? They're not primal as such, but they have a lot on traditional foods and help for women / babies and so on


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      Hey CJ4400 - i'm really sorry you're still suffering this way. I've had PMS ever since I had my first period - many moons ago now. For the past 2 months, it's disappeared now that I've gone primal. Although my long- suffering partner tells me that I had it really bad 'before' I don't know if that's the case compared to other women's experiences. Plus for me, something else was going on too, as I had gluten & dairy intolerances too - they may have been confusing the situation.

      I agree, it would be great if some serious research could be done into this, since ther's no need for women to suffer with this awful experience every month.


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        I also posted a similar question/comment on a blog posting a month ago or so regarding severe PMS symptoms I experience each month that derail my efforts toward being healthy/primal. My problem is compounded by the fact that I'm a Type II diabetic so indulging in my overwhelming sugar cravings are particularly harmful.

        I know that Mark doesn't necessarily agree with this suggestion (based on an earlier blog posting), but I highly recommend krill oil for severe premenstrual symptoms. I read about krill oil on Michael Eades's blog as well as Andrew Weil who also endorses it over fish oil (Weil cites specific research, I believe, that bears out the superiority of krill oil over fish).

        Anyway, I ALWAYS fall off the wagon a week before my period. However after consuming krill oil for a month, my cravings have been reduced (not eliminated). The wild mood swings I also experience seem to have been minimized.

        Krill oil is pretty expensive. (I got a bottle of 60 capsules for around 30 dollars). But as Michael Eades would say, you get what you pay for.


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          Thanks guys! Always good to hear positive feedback and support through your posts.

          Many symptoms have decreased (some of disappeared all together) by cutting out grains and processed foods. I don't do dairy and the only reason I say I am 80-90% primal is because of that darned PMS week.

          My main problems have been bloating (up to 2-3 pounds), severe cravings (sometimes I think I am going crazy and can't believe how chemical reactions in the brain can cause such bad cravings), and stress/anxiety. I would say those three are the worst symptoms I have still.

          I think it'd be great to hear from Mark (or Carrie) and see what his thoughts are on the hormonal/biochemical reactions we as humans experience.

          Shema - I've recently realized how important fish oil is and am implementing that into my lifestyle right away!! Will look into krill oil.

          NMG - I will look into that foundation as well.

          Thanks everyone