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PB for disabled persons?

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    If in a wheel chair, would it be beneficial to travel with a heavy something or other in your lap or attached to the chair?
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      Tell your friend to get his butt over here to MDA!
      We've got people on wheels here and at least one person with severe scoliosis who is exercising.

      A couple of things that come to mind, from my wheelchair days:

      - Water exercise. My community gym has a great pool with a lift to get the wheelchair folks in and out of the water. It is awesome. Alternately, there is also a very long ramp (no stairs) with rails on both sides for those who are somewhat mobile. I used to roll my walker up and park it right at the top of the ramp. To find a setup such as this, stay away from GloboGym and look for a park and recs- or a YMCA-type community gym. Did you know it's possible to do crunches whilst floating in the water without drowning yourself? Look for a class called "Gentle Moves" or something to that effect; there's also aqua yoga. Not all water exercise classes are about bouncing around to annoying techno music.

      - Exercise bands. I still use these for upper body work. I've got the yellow one slung over my shower rod as I type this. See YouTube for a plethora of strengthening ideas.

      ETA: It's even more critical for us that we keep our bodies as free from inflammation as possible. Makes a significant, significant difference.
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