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BPA and it's effects, not so good

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  • BPA and it's effects, not so good

    Interesting article about BPA's effects on infants with a brief mention of how it effects hormones.
    Highest reported BPA level in pregnant woman and associated abnormalities in infant

    Avoid toxic things.
    Like water bottles.
    Like plastic storage containers.
    Like processed cheese.
    Like canned foods
    Right, right, right, EVERYBODY knows about that stuff, but it's in other things that are slightly more surprising.
    Toilet paper
    Organic canned Tomatoes
    Recycled Paper
    Credit Card/Debit Card receipts

    I know some things are unavoidable, I myself don't plan on eliminating toilet paper from my life anytime soon (no pun intended.) But it's good to be aware of these things and interesting to consider.

    (1)Julie's Health Club: Top 10 hidden sources of BPA
    "It is not what you are that holds you back, it is what you think you're not."
    Denis Waitley

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    I knew wearing adult diapers would pay off one day. FINALLY, MY DAY HAS COME.

    "The accumulated filth of all the toilet paper and receipts will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'Save us!' And I'll look down, and whisper 'No, these diapers are mine.' "

    edit: All the locally sold coconut milk where I live has cans with BPA filled linings. That stuff is pretty pervasive.
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      More and more each day,Rivvin, more and more each day. That's all I have to post.
      "It is not what you are that holds you back, it is what you think you're not."
      Denis Waitley


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        This is actually and issue that's been on my mind. I was already super-health-conscious before deciding to try PB, so I knew about things like canned tomatoes and coconut products. I was going to start a thread in the nutrition forum asking for sources of BPA-free coconut milk/oil/etc.