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    Also you have to factor in futile cycling.

    plus if you've ever really overdone it on eating im sure you've gone to the bathroom and noticed that not all of your calories have been absorbed

    plus then theres changiong levels of T3 and T4 change metabolic rate.

    thats why mark advocates not worrying about calories and focus on the foods you eat...

    and @Becks09 ...youd be hard pressed to consitently put away 8000kcal a day of REAL food...its be easy with doughnuts and cereal, but not real food


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      1) Protein causes insulin response, just not as much as carbs.

      2) Acylation Stimulating Protein. Insulin is not the only signal regulating fat storage and release. See here:

      The body has a remarkable flexibility to turn on and off functions dependent on how much energy is available -- thermogenesis, immune response, DNA and cell repair mechanisms, ion gradients, muscle building/wasting. Given a healthy amount of protein, your body can dispose of quite a bit of fat powering these functions to a greater extent. That is not to say you won't ever gain weight at all -- Grok still would've had a need to fatten up a bit for winter on an all-mammoth diet.