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    Hmm, one that really ticks me off (for way more reasons that one) is my fiance's catty and rude grandma. She sends my fiance home with sugar cereals, HFCS and Soy laden bread by the ton, canola infused condiments and a ridiculous amount of nitrate heavy junk meat (aka lunch "meat")

    She knows I can't eat soy or grains and does this just to be a pain in the a** and says, "I don't care that you can't eat them, he can!" I feed the bread to the birds, throw the meat out and put the cereal up on craigslist for free. She was yelling at me yesterday when we picked her up for a visit because we had pineapple for breakfast. She told me that I need to be feeding my fiance (even though he can clearly feed himself.) a bagel and cream cheese because that is healthy (along with all the sugar cereals she brings.)

    I seriously can't stand the sight of her. I love how she tries to tell me what's healthy - esp. since she had to have heart surgery 3 months ago due to an unhealthy diet - you know, people who are the epitome of health usually have a zillion health issues right? (sarcasm)