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    So glad to see this topic, I am a product junkie. I use Pratima Ayurvedic products for my face, Dr Bronner on the bod & Korres shampoos. I try to find chemical free/ paraben free products to use only. Even Sephora carries alot of green stuff now. For makeup I use Jane Iredale, Josie Maran & Korres. Not that you fellas care


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      With skin that reacts to *everything*, I've moved up the price scale to settle on Aveda for hair stuff (organic, into recycling etc; also if you can bear to fork out for the biiig bottles it doesn't work out too bad).

      Using up "Naked" brand shower stuff from Boots (I'm in the UK by the way) but not too impressed so may nab some aveda samples there.

      Deo - mitchum, although think I'm becoming allergic

      Lotion - palmers cocoa butter, although I've just read label - eek! Can you get pure cocoa butter anywhere? Perhaps it is too pricey though. I'm certainly going to give coconut oil a go.

      Make up etc is the usual chemical-laden junk. I was using just minerals but wanted facial sunscreen protection (ageing vs Vit D - more worried about ageing / damage whilst I'm just starting out)

      Dr haushcka (sp?) skincare is organic etc but didn't agree with me.


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        Have you tried WELEDA deodorants? They are usually great!

        I use onje by Neal's Yard which comes in a spray bottle,really lovely stuff!

        There is a brilliant online company in the Uk which does very natural and fairtrade products

        I can highly recommend them.

        M x


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          Cheap stuff from the grocery/drug store. Anything that might be bad in any of them is so far down the list of things to worry about, I don't. I have FAR more important concerns.

          True, if you can avoid a plastic bottle or giving profits to Giant Personal Care Products Company, great. Again, not my biggest concerns.

          One symptom of extremism of any type is an inability to think proportionally. What is more important, and what is less. I think not eating grains is important because it really impacts my weight and general health. I think not using shaving cream is insignificant.

          BTW, the least impactful method of shaving is probably electric. A good shaver will last for years with the occasional foil replacement. When I blade shave in the shower, I just use the bar of soap to assist. Remember, that's where shaving cream came from, grandpa's shaving cup and brush. Soap.


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            @maranne, ooo thank you, will be having a go with akamuti's black soap and cocoa butter soon!

            @onthebayou, yes diet and exercise are the main priorities, and I *hate* when some people (nobody here!) look down on you for using bog standard laundry powder instead of soap nuts and river water etc... however in my case I'm becoming more and more sensitive so it makes sense for me to simplify everything I use, not just food.

            Wish it didn't cost me a fortune in experimental products though...!


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              Shampoo: Suave, Pantene

              Deodorant: Adidas, Lady Speed Stick, Arrid

              Soap: Ivory

              Toothpaste: Colgate

              Once I run out of my toothpaste and deodorant I'll switch over to Tom's. For soap I'll keep an eye out for homemade stuff. Not sure about shampoo hair is wimpy and light and is almost always lacking volume. If the shampoo I use is too strong it strips it and makes it dry and yucky, but if it's too weak it gets greasy and weighted down. My skin's also a pain -- greasy and acne prone, especially in the summer it seems.

              Speaking of soap, does anyone know of good handsoap that won't dry my hands out? I'm an art student so washing my hands is a frequent thing - I'd rather not have toxic materials sitting on my hands all day - and that can lead to dry skin, especially in the winter.


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                I think this is what you were looking for:


                And maybe these, too:




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                  I do "no poo" for my hair.

                  For soap I use: Mysore Sandalwood Soap that I buy at an Indian Market:

                  For everything else, Here's what I use:



                  8 tablespoons baking soda

                  8 tablespoons sea salt, not iodized

                  20 drops orange blossom essential oils


                  1.Mix ingredients in a jar.

                  2.Dip damp toothbrush into mixture and brush your teeth for 2 minutes.




                  1/4 cup baking soda

                  1/4 cup cornstarch

                  10-20 drops tea tree oil

                  2 tablespoons coconut oil (find it at health food stores -it's solid at room temp.)


                  1.Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined.

                  2.Smash into empty deoderant container and smooth over.

                  3. Let it sit 1 day to become solid again.

                  4. Use with a lighter hand than you would with normal stick deodorant, especially the first couple of days or it'll drop little balls on your bathroom rug. Used correctly, this stuff is invisible and lasts for ages, as it works with a very light layer. You should not be able to see it once applied.


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                    Shampoo - Burt's Bees shampoo bar - but now I'm experimenting with no shampoo (day #4)

                    Deodorant - Tom's of Maine - aluminum free - no more stained shirts

                    Soap - Tom's of Maine

                    Tootpaste - Tom's of Maine - fluoride free version

                    Shaving Cream - Don't use - I shave after my shower using water only.

                    I selected these products because:

                    1) I can pronounce all of the ingredients

                    2) Minimal packaging - no plastic bottles (I really hate plastic bottles)

                    3) I can find them locally and they're affordable-ish


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                      @Primal_Pebble: My mum is allergic to any soap other than Mysore Sandal. When she visits me in the US, she makes sure that she has a stash of these. But she used Shampoo for the hair. What difference did you notice on using this soap for your hair? I'm intrigued, I might actually have a bar at home.


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                        I didn't use the Mysore soap in my hair. I use it for my body only. I do No Poo which is a baking soda and vinegar based regimen.


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                          I used to be San Francisco's largest consumer of Body Shop products, particularly their Vit E face creams and "Body Butter", because my skin tends to be dry.

                          When I ran out of both a couple of weeks ago, I started using CO in place of both (on my face, I apply, then blot it a little bit with a towel).

                          My skin feels great (and the boy says it smells great); and I'm saving a metric ton of money.

                          Haven't figured out how to get it to work as a hair conditioner, though. Any thoughts?