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Best article ever on Vitamin D

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  • Best article ever on Vitamin D

    for your blog, I think this article is a MUST READ and contains everything we need to know in one well written article. I have confirmed most of the material from many other sources such as doctors & universities. Here is that article:


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    Thank you Grizz. I'm going to share this on facebook, <3


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      I say YAY for you !

      I sent that article to EVERYONE on my email list, and my 2 sons sent it off to everyone on their list. I think we got the entire staff at Childrens Memorial Hospital in Chicago started on Vitamin D.

      I am just FURIOUS at the AMA, the drug companies, and the FDA for hiding the facts & research about Vitamin D.

      We have a dear friend in Minneapolis who is suffering terribly from an immune system gone berserk, and we just got her started on Vitamin D.

      We need to get the word out to EVERYONE. The establishment clearly wants to keep us sick and dependent on expensive drugs, and WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO FIGHT BACK.



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        Excellent article,thanks Grizz.


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          Here is a confirming article about Vitamin D Deficiency causing the Immune System to fail, direct from the Scientists at the University of Copenhagen.
          For those who may have been skeptical of my previous article.

          Now we see why everyone gets the cold or the flu in the wintertime, that is when the lack of sunshine results in severe deficiency.



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            A friend of mine sent me the link to that article a few weeks ago. I ramped up my Vit D, and can feel a difference. Excellent share.
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              Vitamin D does not work that well for me. Only if its from the sun. Otherwise I have seen absolutely no improvement taking it for the last 4 months at 10,000 whatever the unit is a day, 2 d3 pills. I also highly doubt its the root cause of diabetes, cancer or autoimmune like I have read in other articles. These diseases probably do not have just cause.
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