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    We know that too many carbs and too many sugars will impede against fat loss... though I am curious as to how many sugars is too much in the form of natural sugars from fruits? Is there a particular amount that we should aim for, just like protein, fats, and carbs??

    I was on the TNT diet for awhile and they had a zero percent sugar rule and zero dairy- and I lost a lot of weight! Their guideline was not over 2 g. of sugar in any 1 serving (the weight loss could have also been from restricting a lot of food sources because of that 2 g. rule)...

    Thanks so much!

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    Just pay attention to your overall carb count and don't worry to much wether the carbs are sugar, starch or fiber. As long as it is all naturally occurring you shouldn't have any problems.

    That being said fruits and starchy veggies will QUICKLY push you out of the 50-100 grams of carbs range (that I am going to assume you aiming for since your post indicates you are working on weight loss) as they contain a LOT of carbs due to the starch and sugars.


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      For me it's about quality rather than quantity. If I'm eating fruit and my liver is taking the fructose hit, I want the most nutrient dense fruit possible which means berries. I tend to stick with raspberries and blackberries as they're lower in fructose and carbs but occasionally I do fresh strawberries when in season and frozen wild blueberries if desired.

      Paul Jaminet et al indicates in The Perfect Health diet that non-starchy veggies (ie kale, collards, broccoli, salads, etc etc) don't count as carbs because gut bacteria convert them to fatty acids. They also recommend consuming some starch daily (<400cals iirc) for a variety of reasons - mostly so that the liver doesnt' need to create glucose via gluconeogenesis.

      So far, I haven't gone that route but am considering it - ie the route of not counting non-starchy veggies as carbs and possibly ingesting small/moderate amounts of starch daily or nearly so.

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        After a couple of months on PB, I added some starches back into my diet as I was kind of low on energy and also getting too thin, I thought. Potatoes and white rice, mostly. I was already doing sweet potatoes. I feel better now and don't think I've gained back more than a pound or two.

        I have cut back a lot on fruit, as Mr. Jaminet thinks it may be a major contributor to gout, which I've had since going on PB.

        I don't do wheat at all, and very little sugar, most of which I think is in the 85% chocolate that I get sometimes.