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  • Primals in Healthcare?

    Hi Mark,

    I am new to the Primal lifestyle; however I've been an athlete most of my life. About a year ago, I started Crossfit with my fiance and was slowly introduced to the Zone...then Paleo...then Primal Blueprint. I've been following your blog for over a year now. Honestly, the Primal Blueprint is the way to go! The simplicity is awesome, however I still struggle with carb cravings. I am participating in the Primal Challenge and have been about 80%, which is only going to improve. The improvements in mood, mental clarity and energy level are great!

    I've been doing a great deal of research on low glycemic, paleolithic type diets and their health benefits. I am convinced that society needs to move towards a more primal lifestyle; however, the food industry would prefer to have us under their control. I am an Advanced Practice RN currently working in the hospital. I work in the Intensive Care Unit, but I am looking to finish with my Nurse Practitioner and move toward the outpatient healthcare arena. I currently live in Austin, TX, which restricts my license in areas of practice. For instance, I can't work with a Naturopathic MD or Holistic MD because they aren't considered MDs in Tx.

    A very long story short is that I have such a hard time dealing with modern medicine and my primal views/lifestyle. I really have such a great audience to impact, but sometimes I feel the uphill battle is too hard to take. I am dealing with a very uneducated population (not just about health, but in general) that has a lack of resources and are typically already dealing with chronic diseases and complex disease processes. General health knowledge is lacking and I feel as if the population I encounter is so vulnerable and could benefit greatly from very simple changes in lifestyle. I am just at a roadblock on how.

    Any other Primal healthcare workers that feel a bit like a hypocrite in the workplace? How do you stay healthy and try to educate your patients? Or do you even try. I really think when I move outpatient I want to somehow find a way to incorporate my Primal lifestyle into my practice. I really want to make a difference and not have to teach patients "healthy eating" (i.e. food pyramid) and practice guidelines that are not effective. Just haven't figured out how yet.

    Any advice is welcome. I would love to have a dialogue with other HCPs and how they balance career and lifestyle. (I am working on templates of handouts and archives of journal articles that can help my patients, but I need to have them at a 5th-6th grade reading level)

    Thanks in advance,


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    I am not technically a 'health professional' inthe medical sense. I am a fitness professional, almost about to finish a degree in exercise science, nutrition, and health promotion.

    I work as a fitness trainer and personal trainer at a gym, and I also own my own fitness class business.

    I am lucky in that here my industry is not highly regulated, and I am able to pass on my personal veiw of nutrition to a larger degree. I can't just totally say things that are really against CW. At my job at the gym I also have to refer people to the weight-loss programme they run. It's not too bad but still 'sat fat is bad, eat low fat' message.

    I may or may not get in trouble for telling people my uncoventional views, but I can get away with alot in the fitness industry, and I am a key employee not easily replaced at my job. Perhaps you could move more towards a community/fitness approach. As a RN I am sure many fitness facilities would welcome you, and many of them promote a very 'primal' type way of weight loss and maintainance.

    I stuggle in nutrition classes, I just want to scream how can you people believe this crap? But two years ago I believed everything my tutors told me so I can understand.


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      Lauren, it's great that you want to practise and teach your Primal priciples in your profession as well. I can imagine what an uphill battle it must me. My husband is an HCP and his area of specialization is ICU too. He is totally against what I'm doing. In my case, I believe it might be an issue of ego - a non-HCP telling an HCP what is right. He refuses to even read up all the resources I show him and I've given up trying. But the downside of that is, he doles out CW to my family members who are in most need of following the Primal lifestyle.

      I posted a link here listing Low-carb doctors in the United States, you might find some in your area. I hope this list helps you: