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  • Vaccines

    My wife and I have elected not to immunize our daughters by the use of vaccines. Too many recent horror stories that continue to raise our awareness of just how scary the medical establishment can be.

    An example would be digging into the recent problems with the HPV vaccine that they advertise on television for young teen girls. This vaccine was never tested on humans on a large scale until it was released to the general public.

    The recent plans to immunize hundreds of millions of people worldwide against H1N1 is also a concern. Roughly 35,000 people die each year in the United States from the flu (mostly the elderly). The powers-that-be are claiming that the "swine flu" will claim 90,000. To me, this is a depressing number, but I do not feel it justifies injecting millions and millions of people with a known cocktail of untested vaccine, mercury, thermisol, and squaline.

    How would Grok respond to the idea of being injected with a virus in order to potentially increase his immune response to similar viruses in the future?

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    Grok's immune system would likely have been strengthened already by plenty of exposure to healthy bacteria (i.e., not constantly rinsing one's hands in alcoholic "sanitizer").

    I think vaccines, like any medicine or procedure, should be geared to "first, do no harm", and that the aggressive scheduling insisted on by conventional wisdom is not only counterproductive but actively harmful to developing children.

    I will not allow anyone to put anything into my body without my consent.


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      I agree frog. More and more studies are showing just how damaging it can be to a child's immune system to receive so many vaccines at one time. Especially infants.

      My wife and I feel bad that we did not realize the danger sooner. We dutifully took our 2 year old to get all of her shots up until she was 12 months old. Our youngest has not had any shots. My wife had to argue with the pediatrician in the hospital only hours after giving birth to our second child to keep him from giving her shots.


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        There are many vaccines that have been in use for years on millions of people and are perfectly safe. Thimerosal/Thiomersal is being phased out. Don't know if you're an autism crazy or not, but if so:

        I agree with you on the swine flu vaccine though, which is definitely dangerous:

        However, if you're going to not get your kid measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, tetanus, etc. vaccinations, I kinda wonder. They are still out there, and they do still kill people.

        Regardless, please go read up on herd immunity (, lest you unknowingly take an action that contributes to the tragedy of the commons.


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          oh mi god........

          Vaccinations have been one the biggest reasons our life expectancy has increased so much in the last 100 years.

          For an occasional. statistically minuscule backfire, you are willing to risk your daughter's health? Did you and your wife benefit from vaccinations? Oh, that's right, you'll never know because they worked.

          And if they ever travel overseas to many places, they'll have to get them anyway.

          And yes, your kids can they be the vectors to other kids like themselves, or adults with lowered resistance. Please don't do us any favors.

          Do you wear your seat belts? Sure, once in awhile someone survives because they were not buckled in, but the statistics are all in favor of buckling up.

          Just like getting vaccinated.

          I was a Polio Pioneer, one of Dr. Salk's human guinea pigs about 1953. I got the real thing, not the placebo. I had a friend back then who wasn't so fortunate, he got polio. Years later, I had an adult friend that had no use of her legs because Mom didn't believe in vaccinations. But Mom (this is Mexico) believed in prayer and marijuana rubs on daughter's immobile legs. A life ruined because of disbelief.

          If your daughters are able to "run vaccine naked", it's only because of the 99% of us that are.

          oh mi god.......


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            My wife and I are going through the same thing right now with our 3 month old. So far, we haven't had to fight too much with the hospital or pediatrician. Thankfully Colorado has an exempt law so they you can still get them into school.

            I've been doing as much research as I can and discovered two interesting thinks. First, no doctor can say they don't recommend vaccines, otherwise they will lose insurance providers, etc. After all, health care is all about $$$, not really about our health. Second, some interesting research that vaccines aren't really the reason we have less disease, better sanitation is.

            Either way, after reading how many of these vaccines are produced, there is no way I'm going to inject my infant daughter with chicken embryos, trace amounts of mercury, and other various poisons used to culture and preserve vaccines.

            I don't get vaccines, and thankfully my parents prevented me from getting many of them when I was why would I risk my infants health!?!?!?

            Besides, don't believe anything the gov't says is good for me, after all, look at the Food Pyramid!



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              I do not believe in the efficacy of prayer to cure or prevent sickness or injury, and if I or my (hypothetical) child were traveling overseas, I would not hesitate to have us vaccinated against the nastier stuff. But I hardly think it qualifies as 'autism craziness' to recognize that the aggressive vaccine schedule promoted by conventional wisdom does more harm than good to both the individual and to the human race as a whole.


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                Didn't say he was an autism crazy. He didn't mention autism. But nowadays it's hard to find someone who is anti-vaccine who doesn't also believe they cause autism, so I thought I'd head that off at the pass with some actual science.


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                  I'm a mom of 4 and even though I've been an "alternative" mom (extended breastfeeding, family bed, homeschooling, etc.) I would never dream of not vaccinating my children. There are scary diseases like whooping cough and measles making a comeback because people aren't vaccinating. It's not just a matter of the health of your own children (and I have never known a single child that was harmed in any way by a vaccine) it's a matter of the health of the entire population.

                  I don't mean to sound harsh, but I feel really strongly about this. I recently went to a Holistic Moms Network meeting and I was practically the only one in the room who had vaccinated her kids! I was shocked. The only reason we don't have huge epidemics of infectious diseases in this day and age is because of the advent of vaccines. I really fear that if this non-vaccinating thing catches on, a lot of people (kids!) will die.


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                    "Either way, after reading how many of these vaccines are produced, there is no way I'm going to inject my infant daughter with chicken embryos, trace amounts of mercury, and other various poisons used to culture and preserve vaccines."

                    While I'm not up to speed 100% on the mercury as a cause of autism issue, I don't think that's gone anywhere after many, many studies. And the amount in the vaccine will pale compared to what will be picked up later in life.

                    Thank god for all the scientists who make all those horrible vaccines using - gasp! - chicken embryos and other unholy sacraments. Come on!

                    As the great politician and observer of human nature Patrick Moynihan said, "You are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts." So many of my incredulous responses to posting here on MDA fall into that category.

                    And, my fellow traveler, what will your therapeutic response be when a child of yours gets any of the diseases that the vaccinations prevent? Who will you believe then? And if they don't come down with something, you can thank all the millions and millions of people who have hadcthe vaccines, making your children's world a safer place.

                    Thank you, Dr. Salk! At least I didn't get polio, the scourge of summer, unlike my friend.


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                      I don't have children and by no means am an expert on vaccines, but I would look to the overall nutrition of today's children before banning vaccines. Look to the past and how many of us had those vaccines without problems.


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                        I cannot believe how keen some people are to remove their genes from the genetic pool.

                        This is natural selection in action, ladies and gentlemen...

                        “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
                        "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
                        "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull


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                          I'm not worried about autism from mercury, and there are only trace amounts in most of today's vaccines, but it doesn't change the fact that its a poison, along with all the other "crap" they put in them to preserve them.


                          I'm all for doing experiments and studies on chick embryo, monkey kidney cells, calf serums, human fetal cells....heck, I'm all for stem cell research on the whole, I think its a HUGE benefit, and gives our scientific community safer (rather then use live people or animals) to test all kinds of stuff. But it still doesn't mean I want to inject it in my body.

                          If my daughter gets an illness or disease there is a vaccine for, I'll be ok with that. I'm taking a risk by not vaccinating her, but it is a risk I am willing to take. I've weight the pros and cons, and made my decision. But, even if she got the vaccine, she could still get the illness or disease.

                          If she never gets one of these diseases or illness, I'm not going to thank the millions that get vaccinate, I'm going to thanks a health immune system, a good nutritious diet, and good luck.



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                            I am not vaccinated, nor are my children.

                            For those of you who are 'all for it', you REALLY need to do more reading up on it.

                            It's not all you think it is. More CW propaganda, mostly.


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                              bcreager, be sure to not buckle them up in the car. And you'll be OK when one is paralyzed for life because of polio? "Daddy, why wouldn't you let me have that vaccine?" OK, with that?

                              And yes, you damned well better thank the millions of people running around vaccinated. Your kids are far less likely to catch a preventable disease because there is far less of it out there......because of vaccines.

                              I DON'T need to read "up on it." As I said, just because there is the occasional backfire from perfection, doesn't mean you should throw the baby out with the vaccine.

                              If this was one hundred years ago and someone said, "I have a medicine that will prevent (long list of horrible diseases and death) in your children, but the downside is a 1 in a few thousand chances of something going wrong," would you not take that chance? Well, interestingly, the people who knew the diseases, and lived (and died) with the diseases were damned appreciative of vaccines. Now with a lot of that just being in the history books, some people forget.

                              Just unfrickin' believable.

                              Serial, the problem here is that the parents are choosing to remove their kids, not their own genes. This is only a step removed from parents that for religious reasons don't seek medical help and their kids die, no matter how fervent the prayer. If an adult wants to make a an equivalent decision, fine, one is just being stupid. But to do so for your kids based on crapola fear mongering of the highly unlikely should be criminal.