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Penn and Teller BS: Organic Food

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  • Penn and Teller BS: Organic Food

    If you haven't heard by now, Penn and Teller aired an episode of their show and concluded that organic food is BS. It'd be cool to see a response to that.

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    I recorded the episode and watched it the other night. I can see their point and they make a couple of interesting statements, but I am not on board with the way they went about it.

    First, could they have found a worse representative of the "organic" movement as the couple that they used? Why couldn't they get some intelligent, competent people to talk with like Mark or just about anybody on this board?

    Second, they didn't address meat at all, only produce and they touched on milk.

    Lastly, if one does a little investigating into the "Hudson Institute" you'll find that they're industry shills. Take a look at some of where their funding comes from:

    * Ag Processing Inc

    * American Crop Protection Association

    * American Cyanamid

    * Archer Daniels Midland

    * Cargill

    * Ciba-Geigy

    * ConAgra Foods

    * Conrad Black

    * CropLife International

    * DowElanco

    * DuPont

    * Eli Lilly and Company

    * Exxon Mobil

    * Fannie Mae

    * General Electric Fund

    * Heinz

    * IBM

    * Lilly Endowment

    * McDonald's

    * Merck

    * Microsoft

    * Monsanto

    * National Agricultural Chemical Association

    * Nichols-Dezenhall Communications Management Group

    * Novartis

    * PayPal

    * PhRMA

    * PriceWaterhouseCoopers

    * Procter & Gamble

    * Sunkist Growers

    * Syngenta Crop Protection

    * United Agri Products

    * Westfield Corporation

    Now THAT is what I call Bullshit.