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Bugs! The caveman's Cheetos

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  • Bugs! The caveman's Cheetos

    I just saw this article and thought I would get your thoughts on this.

    A couple things sprang to mind when i read this article...
    Why have i never heard about this before. It makes so much sense that bugs would be easier/better for the environment/healthier to farm.

    I'm betting it would be a lot easier to make them organic.

    Would a cow fed organic bugs be more healthy than a cow fed grain? I'd have to think so. At least there aren't any genetically modified bugs (yet!).

    I know it's my own egocentric view of the world, but it's hard to imagine eating some of those critters. Anyone have any experience with it, want to share what it's like?

    Where can i get bugs of my own to eat? I'm willing to give it a shot!

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    Damn..just did a search and discovered this topic has already been done...My bad


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      The East: "Of course. We've been eating all sorts of insects since the dawn of time."
      The West: "EEEWWWWWW BUGS!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!"
      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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        I farm bugs.


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          Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
          I farm bugs.
          So in your opinion, whats the tastiest thing to start with?


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            There are cultures that eat worms also:



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              Originally posted by anzy View Post
              So in your opinion, whats the tastiest thing to start with?
              Oh geeze... how did I miss this? I'm sorry!

              I farm mealworms. I like them. They're just slightly nutty and crunchy when roasted. They're very easy to start with too.


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                Grasshoppers! I think of them as "prairie shrimp". Not exactly tasty, but you can net up a big amount, toss them in the freezer (to kill them) and then pick out any flies, moths, bees or wasps you got in there. You can pick wings and legs off, too (but then there isn't much else left). Use them as your "meat" in any stirfry you might ever do. Coconut curries, or other such, they turn out fine with enough seasoning. You can eventually get yourself to the point where you can just grab a live one and choke it down! Crunch crunch crunch!

                I try to catch them in a no-pesticides area (not an agricultural field, or in town with pesticides, fertilizers are sprayed). I think prairie shrimp are under rated as a food source, but I won't try to kid ya, they can be a bit of a culture shock to eat.


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                  I am so tempted to try cricket.

                  I also want to try squirrel...